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Saturday, October 22, 2016

#SaturdaySpotlight is on Linda Leonard and Avi

Good Morning Friends!

Is it fall yet? A cool front moved in a couple of days ago and it's mighty chilly....but warms up nicely. How about in your neck of the woods?

Today's guest is another Bayou Writers Group Member and has been on our spotlight before, so please welcome back Linda Leonard.....

Linda Leonard is a retired high school teacher/librarian. She is the mother of four, grandmother of six, and an educator who has taught in the public school system for 28 years as an English/Speech teacher (including 15 years as a Speech/Debate Coach and 14 years as a yearbook adviser.) She also served 2 1/2 years as a librarian, a total of 30 1/2 years in public education. She holds a B.A. in English and M.Ed. in Speech. 

Find out more about Linda by connecting with her on Facebook and checking out her interview on Bayou Writers Group website!

Now let's find out about Linda's new book...

After five marriages, Avi struggles to overcome the disappointments and mistakes of the past: the loss of her high school sweetheart and son, abuse, accusations of theft, embarrassment as people gossip, and the infidelity. She walks through life, a wounded soul, looking for someone she can trust.

Avi is a modern day story of the woman at the well.

Excerpt:  “No… No…”

Cole touched her arm. “Avi, wake up!”

Avi jerked and drew away from him, sweating and gasping for air.

“Avi, it’s me, Cole. What’s wrong?”

It took Avi a few seconds to recognize him in the dim light. “Oh, Cole, it was just a bad dream.”

“It was more like a nightmare. It sounds like the same one you had a couple of days ago. What’s going on?”

“Nothing, I’ve had nightmares since I was a small child. I’m sorry. It isn’t something I can control.”

“Well, it disrupts sleep. Do you need to see someone for your nightmares? I mean, isn’t there something someone could do or some medication to help you sleep?”

“No, Cole, you can’t control dreams or nightmares. They just happen.”

“Well, your dreams or nightmares really mess up my sleep.”

“If we want to talk about lack of sleep, why don’t we talk about your snoring? It’s 1:15 now. We went to bed at 10:00, and you started sawing logs and loading them on a freight train. The last time I looked at the clock it was 12:35, and I still wasn’t sleeping because the freight train rumbled through this bedroom non-stop. I don’t complain. If you want to talk about lack of sleep, why don’t we start with your snoring?”

 “Avi, I don’t want to pick a fight. We both seem to lose sleep when you have those episodes.”

Sounds like a good book, Linda! Good luck and God's blessings wit it.

Purchase Avi at Amazon and Smashwords.

Hope you enjoyed today's spotlight and that you'll return weekly for Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and more Saturday Spotlights.


Diane Burton said...

Sounds like an interesting story. Best wishes.

Elizabeth Alsobrooks said...

Good luck with your book. It sounds like your heroine has had a rough life and is due for some better luck.

Kara O'Neal said...

Hi! I loved your excerpt. It was great. Good luck to you!

Leah St. James said...

Ha! Snoring! Talk about disruptive! I'm sure it was waaaay more annoying than her nightmare! And a nightmare is scary! People who snore are generally oblivious! Grrrr. Nice job on the excerpt.