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Saturday, August 27, 2016

#Saturday Spotlight is on Ryan Clemons and Victorious!

Good Morning and Welcome to the last Saturday Spotlight of August 2016!

Today's guest has been here before. Over the past couple of months, she has shared something she treasures and some thoughts with us.

Today we're going to find out a little more about Ryan's book, Victorious: The Journey of a Single Mom and Her Faith.

Victorious is the story of Ryan Clemons' journey as a single mom. Ryan lived a great life with her family, and her future was bright, but at 19, she gave birth to a son and found herself having to grow up quickly. Ryan sacrificed the things she wanted to become a great mom. The odds were stacked against her; however, she wanted better for her son. Balancing being a mom, a full-time student and an employee with three part-time jobs was challenging. She faced heartache, rejection and guilt, but Ryan was determined to overcome, to make it and be a success, and she overcame all adversities.

With God.

In Victorious, Ryan discusses:
Overcoming obstacles
Finding greater within
Discovering your purpose in life
Declaring your personal desires
Learning to motivate yourself
Providing self-love
Forgiving yourself and others
Reaching spiritual success
Restoring mind, body and soul

Ryan strives to empower and encourage other single moms who are experiencing te same problems she encountered. Being a single mom is not the end of your life. The road to success is not easy, but with this new beginning and your priorities set on God, success and fulfillment can be attained.

Victorious: The Journey of a Single Mom and Her Faith, can be purchased at Amazon.

Ryan Clemons resides in Lake Charles, Louisiana. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication and a concentration in Public Relations from McNeese State University. Ryan had the opportunity to intern with University Image, a marketing firm at McNeese State University. She also had the privilege to work for three forms of media: Television: KPLC News: News Content Specialist, Print: The American Press, Account Executive Radio: KZWA 104.9, Radio Personality.

Ryan is currently president of 3RP Productions, a nonprofit organization committed to changing lives by touring different cities and hosting the "It's Over" Revival. She's also serves as the Executive Director of Pink Life, a non-profit organization that assists mothers who are in need of diapers and wipes free of charge. In her spare time, Ryan speaks at youth organizations, non-profit organizations, women's conferences and seminars about her journey. She is dedicated to changing this generation by encouraging and inspiring others.

Ryan's Links:
Facebook: Ryan E Clemons
Facebook: Ryan E Clemons- Author
Periscope: Ryan Clemons 

I certainly hope you enjoyed today's spotlight and that I'll see you next week for Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight!

Until next time, take care and God bless.


Susan Coryell said...

Your book sounds like something every single mom could read and benefit from. I appreciate your courage--completing your education, working hard and writing about it all. Good luck!

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Being a single mom certainly isn't easy. I agree with Susan, your book can inspire others. Best wishes.

Marissa Garner said...

Very inspirational! Best of luck with your book.

Susan Oleksiw said...

You've overcome a lot of challenges, and your book will help others do the same.

marilyn leach said...

I hope your book encourages single moms all over the United States. Cheers

Tanya Hanson said...

Continued success, Ryan. You are an inspiration to all moms.

Ryan Clemons said...

Oh wow! Thank you all for your support and feedback!!