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Saturday, August 6, 2016

#SaturdaySpotlight is on Marie Treanor and Ghost in the Rain

Good Morning Friends and Happy Saturday!

I'm so honored you could join us as I bring to your attention another new-to-me/my blog-author.

Marie Treanor lives in Scotland, in a chaotic house by the sea, together with her eccentric husband, three much too smart children and a small dog who rules them all. Most days, she avoids both housekeeping and evil day jobs by writing stories of paranormal romance and fantasy.

Marie is the award winning author of over forty paranormal romances - Indie, New York and E-published.

You can find out more about Marie and her books on her website: www.MarieTreanor.com.

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Now let's find out about Marie's book, Ghost in the Rain; A World of Gothic: Scotland  

A haunted Highland house, battered by storms and murder...

Notorious rocker Dan Stewart isn’t anything like Dr. Kate Yorke imagined. Arriving at his remote home in the Scottish Highlands to research some valuable letters - only to discover he’s forgotten their appointment - Kate soaks up the Gothic atmosphere of Invershiel House. But it’s the owner who truly fascinates her.

Reclusive and abrupt, Dan is haunted by the deaths of his fellow band members, especially his one time lover Islay Lamont, whose shade seems to flit around the grounds in the rain. But the ghost is not the only mystery Kate encounters. Light bulbs disappear around her – and only Dan knows she’s scared of the dark. Then she trips over a dead body which inexplicably vanishes.

It becomes a race against time to find the identity of the body and the killer. And to discover if she and Danny have any kind of future together. Or even at all...

A World of Gothic is a Gothic Mystery Romance Series by authors all over the world. For information on other titles, check out A World of Gothic Facebook page:

I had to acknowledge that my peace was churned up by his unexpected presence here. It wasn’t even an unpleasant feeling; in fact it felt rather…exciting. But it was disturbing.

I took off my glasses and rubbed my eyes. I suspected Dan Stewart carried such disturbance wherever he went. If I thought about it, the whole house felt different now. As if its peace had gone too; as if it had sprung to life, eager, waiting.

Mocking my own silly fantasy, I stood abruptly and paced around the room, trying to recover my lost concentration. I suspected I was just tired and would work much faster and much better after a good night’s sleep.

I paused by the window to watch the storm. Although the thunder had stopped, the wind and rain were still blasting the trees and rattling the window. Close-up, I could feel the draught through my thick sweater. On impulse, I retrieved my phone from my bag and tried to capture the raging storm on its camera. But it looked too tame on the screen, not deep or dark enough, no real movement in those black clouds still scudding and swirling across the sky. I wished I could paint. For a moment, I even wished I could be part of it, to go outside in it again. There was nothing to stop me, except common sense.

I smiled to myself and lowered the phone, just as a movement in the garden below caught my eye. Someone was out in this. Someone not remotely dressed for it either. Through the darkness and the almost opaque mist of rain, I could make out only that it seemed to be a woman wearing only some kind of floating, white, wispy garment, more like the loungewear of wealthy women of past centuries than anything anyone would wear today for any purpose. The odd garment shimmered as the figure glided across the lawn, impossibly graceful.

On impulse, I raised my phone again and snapped.

Perhaps she moved too quickly. Nothing of her showed on the screen except an indistinct blur of light against blackness. Frowning, I looked again out of the window, but the woman had gone. Vanished.

Ooooh, been a long time since I read a good Gothic and this one sounds like a must read and such a beautiful cover! You can purchase Ghost in the Rain at the following locations.... 

Well I'm off to my Bayou Writers Group meeting. If you're in the Lake Charles vicinity, join us! I sure hope you enjoyed today's spotlight and that you'll visit each week and check out our Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight.

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Leah St. James said...

It is a fabulous cover! Draws me right in. I love Gothic mysteries and started reading them when I was probably around my early teens. I love the story premise too--great excerpt. Wishing you and all the World of Gothic authors success with the collection!

Susan Coryell said...

Love paranormal and the Scotland setting is so exotic! Cover is compelling. Good luck with this and all your ventures.

Marie Treanor said...

Hi Pam! Thanks so much for the kind words, and for spotlighting me and GHOST IN THE RAIN today :).

Leah, so glad you like the cover - very fond of it myself :). I grew up with Gothic too, which is one reason I'm so pleased to see such a revival in the genre. Thank you, thrilled you enjoyed the excerpt! And I can vouch for the other stories in A World of Gothic as being fabulous! :)

Thanks, Susan! Glad you like the Scottish setting - the Highlands are undeniably beautiful, even to this lowland Scot :) Appreciate the good wishes!


Jacqueline Seewald said...


I've always been a fan of Gothic romance--my one and only Gothic novel DARK MOON RISING is a tribute to the genre. I would love to visit Scotland and your books sounds great. Congrats!

Marie Treanor said...

Thanks, Jacqueline! Hope you do visit soon! I'm going to look for your Gothic novel now :)


Alicia Dean said...

I adore this story!! The excerpt makes me want to read it again. :) I am so thrilled Marie was our launch author for this series. Gothic mystery holds a special place in my heart, and I am exceedingly proud of the stories in our series.

Ashantay said...

Wonderful cover and excerpt! Best wishes for a successful book release!

Darcy Flynn said...

Marie, definitely on my TBR pile! Your cover is amazing! Best and wishing you much success!

Elizabeth Alsobrooks said...

Gothic...wonderful. Loved the excerpt. Thanks so much for sharing this!

MJ Schiller said...

Although I normally don't pick up paranormal romances, this one really sounds intriguing! Best wishes for GHOST IN THE RAIN and all you do, Marie!

Diane Burton said...

I've always loved gothic romances. This sounds a good one.

Lucy Naylor Kubash said...

I started out reading gothic romances years ago, and they remain some of my favorites. Thanks for bringing Marie's work to our attention!

Marie Treanor said...

Thanks for all the kind words and good wishes! Lovely to be here, Pam - thanks for having me :)

Nightingale said...

I'm a long-time fan of gothic romances. I loved Mary Stewart, Victoria Holt, and Jean Plaidy. I think I would really enjoy this novel. Thanks, Pamela, for bringing Marie to our attention.