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Saturday, February 14, 2015

#SaturdaySpotlight with Janet Elizabeth Lynn!

Good Morning Friends,

We are winding down our week with Janet. She'll be back tomorrow and I certainly hope you've enjoyed this week with her.

I know I have. So without much further ado, here she is....

I have always loved the 1950s Noir genre, movies, books, pictures etc. I inherited my mother’s fascination with Hollywood. I remember the TV shows my parents watched, Lassie, Gunsmoke, The Jack Benny Show.
When I started writing, 2000, I always wanted to attempt ‘50s Noir, but couldn’t figure out how to get into a man’s head and make it sound real. My husband is a published author too. We edited each other’s work. He consistently changed the dialogue for my male characters with, “A guy wouldn’t say that.”
One day I mentioned how I’d love to write a Noir Murder Mystery. He turned to me and said, “So let’s do one together.” I almost broke into tears.
People warned us it would tarnish our 43 year old marriage. People insisted it wouldn’t work. With these warnings, we took a spiritual approach of setting rules of kindness, respect and overall patience. We started with a deadline schedule and followed it to the letter. We met every two weeks to discuss character development, subplots and fight scenes-what was working and what wasn’t. We took field trips to old Hollywood, Hip hop clubs, all to get the feel for the 1950s.

The results-SLIVERS OF GLASS and a wonderful partnering experience for both of us. Will there be more coauthored books? You bet!

Find bio and contact information on Janet and Bill in yesterday's post.

Slivers of Glass can be purchased at Amazon in print and for Kindle!

What a wonderful story to post on this Valentine's Day! I hope your's is Blessed and Happy and filled with......


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