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Monday, February 9, 2015

Special Guest Post by Janet Lynn

Hello Friends,

We have a very special guest this week. Author Janet Lynn is going to be visiting all week!

So without much further ado, here she is....

Monday Memories

Picking the era of 1950s our latest novel SLIVERS of GLASS was by no accident! I was young in 1955, just about the age of remembering things but…not liking boys yet.

The music of the’50s day still brings back the feeling of fun, i.e., watching American band Stand with Dick Clark, other local dance shows from the east coast, with girlfriends, playing records, and dancing together in my living room. We’d copy dance steps and moves we saw on TV our old black and white TV, American Bandstand with Dick Clark.

This came in handy with Sock Hops and later school dances. So when writing SLIVERS of GLASS, I just had to put on the music and I was there! Writing from memories is nostalgia at it‘s best.

Find out more about Janet by visiting her Website or Blog.

Slivers of Glass can be purchased at Amazon in print and for Kindle!

Check back tomorrow for another special post from Janet Lynn!

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