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Saturday, February 28, 2015

#SaturdaySpotlight: Out of Control by Tori Richards!

Well, it's the last Saturday Spotlight of Feb 2015...yeah...goes without saying this year is flying by.

Remember friends, Tori writes erotic romance so use caution when reading and/or buying her books!

Logan Knight is recuperating from a fire that killed his two best friends. Libby Turner is on a mission to keep her beloved grandmother out of an assisted living facility. From the moment the two meet, sparks fly and they can't keep their hands off each other. Can they stick to their plan of keeping their relationship strictly sexual or do they give in to the love that claims their hearts?


Logan was thinking about how close he’d come to making that decision when a small sound penetrated his silent musings. He was resting against the edge of the pool, water lapping around his neck. He turned his head enough to see someone doing the very thing he’d done a few minutes earlier, only with a little more grace. Damn, all he’d wanted was a nice quiet swim alone. Maybe with a little luck they’d never notice he was there in the shadows. He remained quiet. 

It was too dark to see who it was but once they stepped into the moonlight and dropped their towel Logan got a clear view of a slim form and jutting breasts. As the woman continued to the deep end he sucked in his breath, his heart literally ceased beating. Without hesitation she reached behind her to undo her bikini top, letting it float to the pool deck before shimmying out of her bottoms with enough hip action to make a belly dancer jealous. She stepped up onto the diving board, and for a moment she was suspended in a slim ray of moonlight.

He released a low whistle between his teeth, realizing at that moment the seductive nymph he was ogling was none other than Margaret’s granddaughter, Libby. He tried to swallow, almost choking on his tongue. Her form was willowy slim yet had all the right curves to tempt a man into losing his mind. Her long hair hid her breasts from his view, stopping just short of her belly button. The lower half of her body was hidden in the shadows.....

As she dove a second time, Logan slowly waded forward until he knew he was in the moonlight when she surfaced. He sensed Libby’s awareness of him long before he heard her soft gasp of surprise.

“Oh my God!” She exclaimed. “I thought I was alone!”

Whew! If this doesn't warm you up nothing will LOL!

Out of Control can be purchased at Smashwords.

Find out more about Tori and her books by visiting her Website. Follow Tori on Facebook and Twitter.


Tory Richards said...

Post looks great, Pamela! Thanks for the promo opportunity, and letting me spend the day.

Ashley York said...

Very intriguing situation, Tory.