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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday Spotlight: Stone Cold Dead by Catherine Dilts

Good Morning Friends,

Christmas is 4 days away, but if you're like me, you're already celebrating with family and friends. Beginning today I have a Christmas party nearly every day!

I pray your celebrations are blessed and that you take a few moments out of each day to pause and reflect on the reason for this (and every) season.

Without much further ado, please welcome fellow Five Star author, Catherine Dilts with her brand new novel, Stone Cold Dead.

*photo by: Kari Vollaire, Artsy Phartsy Design

To Catherine Dilts, rock shops are like geodes – both contain amazing treasures hidden inside their plain-as-dirt exteriors. Catherine caught mountain fever after a childhood vacation in Rocky Mountain National Park. Determined to give up her flat–lander ways, she moved from Oklahoma to Colorado. Her husband, a Colorado native, proposed to her as they hiked Barr Trail on Pikes Peak. Catherine works as an environmental scientist, and plays at heirloom vegetable gardening, camping, and fishing. She has published short fiction in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. In her spare time, she attempts to lure wild donkeys to her property in the mountains. Find out more by visiting her website.

When her brother abandons the family rock shop, recently widowed Morgan Iverson reluctantly becomes the manager. Business is as dead as the fossils cluttering the dusty shelves. While rounding up a runaway donkey, Morgan discovers the body of a Goth teen. When a newspaper article hits the streets hinting that Morgan witnessed the murder, she becomes the victim of escalating threats that make it clear the killer thinks she holds a clue to the teen’s murder. Morgan knows her life won’t be worth a pile of fossilized dinosaur dung unless she can dig up the murderer.

Stone Cold Dead is available now for Kindle and for pre-order in print!

Well Friends, I'll keep this short and sweet. Until later...take care & God Bless!


Jacqueline Seewald said...

Hi, Pam and Catherine,

Another good mystery from Five Star/Gale! Congrats Catherine.

Catherine Dilts said...

Thank you, Pam, for hosting me on your blog! And thanks, Jacqueline, for your comment.