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Thursday, November 24, 2016

#ThursdayThoughts with Jamila Battle, MD

Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving!

I pray your day is blessed and whatever you do to celebrate this weekend is fun, safe and happy!

Today's guest is new to me and new to our blog.

Dr. Jamila Battle's heroic journey from debilitating childhood violence and abuse to attending some of the finest institutions in our country and becoming a renowned physician is nothing short of miraculous. Her tenacious perseverance has been marked by depression and breakdown, yet she still rose to triumph, and created a narrative to guide those who wish to take control of their own destiny.

Dr. Battle, is an award winning triple board certified physician, author, speaker and creator of "Reboot, Repair, Rebirth®". This innovative model aids those who are suffering to forgive themselves, so they can become fully integrated and capable of self-love. Reboot your soul by speaking your truth and ending the isolation. Repair by getting help and consciously healing your mind, heart and body. Celebrate your Rebirth as a wiser, loving and centered being. Live life abundantly. Visit www.drjbattle.com to learn more.

Now that we've met Jamila, let's see what thoughts she's sharing with us today....

Did you know that Trauma creates small thinking, fear, denial, and apathy?

As you know, there are so many myths about abuse and addiction that are simply not true. From my own experiences, I have learned that even after enduring abuse and overcoming addiction, we can still experience a life of abundance.

I am Dr. Jamila Battle. I am an award-winning physician, triple board certified in sleep, addiction and family medicine. I am also a consultant and speaker, but most importantly, I am your Abuse to Abundance Authority, and I’m excited to introduce you to Reboot, Repair, Rebirth.

I have a few questions for you:
Have you been wounded by the Pain of your past?
Have you been abused physically, mentally or emotionally?
Have you experienced or overcome an addiction of any type?

OK, chances are you answered yes to at least one of those question. So now I just want to know:
Would you like to wake up and realize that you are walking and living in purpose, without being haunted by your past?


Reboot Repair Rebirth can help you.

Reboot Repair Rebirth teaches those who are suffering in silence how to turn their pain of abuse or addiction into the promise of abundance.

In my book from abuse to abundance, I chronicled my journey and the steps I had to take to create courage, understanding, forgiveness and self love.  You can too.

Those bound by the past, fears and pain often suffer in silence awaiting the balm of healing.
Self sabotage and fear keeps us bound to silence and isolation.

We don't change because we don't know how, or we get stuck or some of even start and quit before change can happen.

But here is a secret that I have learned and want to share with you

The greatest gift the creator has given us is the ability to change our minds, but you have to change your mind in order to change.

So as a jump-start and warm-up exercise to Reboot, Repair, Rebirth, here are three takeaways that will start you on your path to healing.

1.  Reboot your soul by becoming courageous to ask for help and ending the isolation. Remove yourself from substances, your abuser, and eliminate self hate and self harm, acquire a trusting sounding board—hint: that’s a close friend or loved one, and gain control over overwhelming symptoms.

2. Repair your heart  by identifying your critical voice—you know the voice that reminds you of the past hurts and pains. Then release your anger, sadness, and take good care of yourself. You will be in a position of understanding with the ability to forgive and love your self.

3. Create Rebirth with celebration, persistence, boundaries  and accountability so you can maintain your greatness, own and share your story and give back. 

Wow...sounds like a wonderful book! Get your copy at Amazon.

Hope you enjoyed today's guest post and that you'll visit each week for Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight.

Until next time, take care and God Bless.


Elizabeth Alsobrooks said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing.

Alicia Dean said...

Wow, what an inspiring story! Thank you so much for sharing. I admire your courage and fortitude. Sounds like a helpful and excellent read. Best wishes!

Unknown said...

Thanks Alicia and Elizabeth. I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!