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Saturday, November 19, 2016

#SaturdaySpotlight is on The October Testament by Ruth Magnusson Davis

Good Morning Friends,

Well tomorrow I'll be heading to my home away from home...yes, Bandera, TX and the Silver Spur Guest Ranch!

I'll be there for the whole week, but don't worry, you won't miss a single Saturday Spotlight, Tuesday Treasures or Thursday Thoughts.

You know how much I love God and His Word so you'll understand why today's post is one I'm really excited to share.

Tyndale's New Testament for the 21st Century

Vancouver Island, Canada – September 2016 – This, The October Testament, is Tyndale's New Testament as it was published in the 1549 Matthew Bible, complete with the notes and commentaries of that Reformation Bible, and all gently updated by Ruth Magnusson Davis (published by Baruch House Publishing, octobertestament.com). 

The primary author of the October Testament is the English martyr William Tyndale. This is his final New Testament translation of 1535. Two years later, his friend John Rogers, also martyred,  published these scriptures in a little-known but very important Reformation Bible called the Matthew Bible, which became the first authorized English Bible under King Henry VIII. 

The wine-colored cover is symbolic of the blood with which this bible was bought. 

Ruth Magnusson Davis is founder and editor of the New Matthew Bible Project. Her work is to update the Matthew Bible: not to make a modern bible, but to keep the language of the original as much as possible, which she calls the real language of the faith.

Because the KJV New Testament was largely taken from Tyndale, readers will find much that is familiar here, and beautiful, but will find it easier to understand than the KJV.

In March 2016 the October Testament finally became available for sale, and was immediately well received. Ruth's fine editorial hand is almost unnoticeable. Tyndale continues to shine through. Rogers' style in his annotations is distinctly his. Readers comment repeatedly on both the flow and the clarity of the New Matthew Bible scriptures, and also on the beauty of the original style, which Ruth, with her delicate touch, has masterfully retained. 
Ruth, a retired lawyer, is a scholar of early modern English, the writings of William Tyndale, and the Matthew Bible. In 2009 she retired from professional practice in order to undertake this work full-time. In October 2015, she completed the New Testament, "The October Testament." 

BIO: Ruth Magnusson Davis is a retired lawyer with an undergraduate degree in languages, and a conservative Christian. She holds to the fullness of Reformation doctrine, with one foot in the camp of evangelical traditional Anglicans and another with the Lutherans. She presently resides in Canada.

Find out more about The October Testament, HERE

Purchase your copy, HERE.

Hope you enjoyed today's spotlight. See you next week!

Until then, take care and God Bless


Linda Carroll-Bradd said...

I visited the Silver Spur once as part of a writers' retreat, and I have the T-shirt that proves it. Have a great week.

Elizabeth Alsobrooks said...

Sounds like a lovely vaca. Have a nice time.

Anonymous said...

The October Testament sounds like a true work of love. Congratulations!
Have a great Thanksgiving week in Bandera!

Sorchia DuBois said...

Enjoy your week!

Miranda said...

It is imperative that we read blog post very carefully. I am already done it and find that this post is really amazing.

Diane Burton said...

Enjoy your home away from home.