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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

#TuesdayTreasure: Guest post by MJ Schiller!

Good Morning and Welcome!

Today it is my pleasure to bring a new friend to Tuesday Treasure, MJ Schiller talking about something she treasures dearly....

Yep. They’ve gone and done it. Just like people told me they would from the start. My kids have grown up too fast. This past weekend we celebrated my triplets’ graduation from high school. They will be attending college at the University of Missouri-Columbia in the Fall. Mizzou happens to be where my husband and I met. The fact that all three have chosen to go there does not, however, indicate that we brainwashed them. The fact that we played the Tiger’s fight song to them in utero, however, MAY indicate a degree of influence on their decision. ;)

For their graduation party I decked the place out in our alma mater’s black and gold, even going so far as to fill vases with candies in those colors. I ordered a banner that had a picture of my husband and I leaping victoriously into the air, “arms raised in a V,” to quote Pearl Jam, huge grins on our faces. The caption read, “We are so sad the kids are leaving!”

But the truth is, I am sad. I enjoy my kids’ company. We have certain TV shows we watch together. We share stories of our day every afternoon. So as the date for them to leave our little nest draws near, I am going to treasure this summer. Every minute of it. So, yes, we are holding on a little tighter with each hug, paying closer attention to each other’s presence throughout the day, and using every breath over this summer to enjoy being a family.

I know they will be back. And my husband and I have season tickets to watch a little Tiger football with them. But they will never be my babies, or my toddlers, or pre-teens, or young adults again. We will, more than likely, never all live under the same roof again. Life goes on, so treasure the time you have with your loved ones, through each and every precious stage. Soon it will be time for my kids to create their own families, and I will be happy for all that lies ahead of them.

Hmm…do you think it’s too early to make a Tiger baby blanket for our first grandchild?

Treasuring time together is a lesson my characters must learn in my newest release, BLACKOUT, for you never know when that time is up…

Here’s a blurb to give you a hint about what I mean by that:

Max. The consummate ladies’ man.
He’s good looking, but not an absolute knockout. With Max’s charm though, he could have any woman he wants. Once he meets Faith, he doesn’t want anyone else.

Eli. He is a knockout.
But a dark past shadows him and holds him captive. Drinking dulls the pain, but meeting Faith makes him want to change all that.

Faith. She loves them both.
When a blackout brings her together with Eli, she’s happier than she’s ever been before. When another blackout tears them apart, Max is there to pick up the pieces. But can she forget the man who first made her whole?

What have you been holding onto lately?

If you treasure a good book, check out BLACKOUT at: http://amzn.com/B00YDYJECO
Preorder for only 99¢! The price is $3.99 on release, June 15th.


Hope you enjoyed this week's treasure. Find out more about MJ and her writing by visiting her blogsite.

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Until later take care & God Bless.


MJ Schiller said...

Hi, Pamela! Thank you for having me today. I enjoyed thinking about the things I treasure.

TheaH said...

What a great idea for a book. How emotionally tense and gripping!

MJ Schiller said...

Thanks, Thea! I've got to say, I really love this book. Usually by about the 130th time you go over a manuscript while in the editing process you really start to hate it. But not this one. Every time I sit down to it I get drawn in. Thank you for stopping by today and joining in on the conversation!

Alicia Dean said...

I love the premise of this book. I have my copy, and I'm looking forward to reading it. I know what you mean about the kids, MJ. Mine flew the coop a while ago, and it took some getting used to, but I did get used to it and now I value my alone time. However, I also LOVE hanging out with my kids, but fortunately, they still come over to hang out with me fairly regularly. Win, win! :) Enjoyed the post!

MJ Schiller said...

Thanks, Alicia! Yeah, I actually had fun this morning driving my son to the dentist and had to admit to a few tears after dropping him off thinking that he wouldn't be around much after late August. Their leaving is inevitable and I'm very grateful to have had the time with them that I did have. Working as a lunch lady in their grade school gave me the opportunity to be with them after school, and being the only driver in the house until they were old enough to drive themselves meant lots of time in the car with them, too. I know I'll adjust. I'm not one to mope for long. Thank you for popping in and sharing your thoughts!

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Thanks Ladies for stopping by and supporting MJ & me!
Hope to see you ALL on Tuesday Treasure, Thursday Thoughts and/or Saturday Spotlight sometime!