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Thursday, June 18, 2015

#ThursdayThoughts: Self Worth/Value

Well I'm a little late posting but as they say, better late than never.

Last week we talked about getting paid for your worth.

Today I'd like to discuss Self Worth / Self Value.

In today's society there is a value put on everything and many people won't pay more for an item or service than what they perceive it is worth.

On the other hand, some folks won't charge appropriately for their products and/or services because of their feelings (or lack there of) of Self Value and Self Worth.

Now I'm not saying you should price your products/services so high the person needing them can't afford to purchase or hire you.

But neither should your price be so low folks won't think they're getting decent, reliable, quality products/service for their investment.

Here are a few rules of thumb when setting your prices: 
Research Industry Standard

If you are new to the business/service/product you are selling then set your prices lower than industry standard, but enough that you feel satisfied.

Once you have a few years experience, or more than 1 quality product, raise your prices to reflect that.

Be honest with yourself! If your sense of self worth/value don't match up to the prices you'd like to make then do the spiritual/mental work to get in alignment with what you're doing, where you're at and what your goals are.

After all, if you don't value yourself and the work you do, no one else will either!

Something to think about!!
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