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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Christian Romance Magazine

**NOTE** This site is no longer a Christian site....
I've removed all links. Readers please beware!***

Hello Again Friends!

You all know when I find a place for readers and writers to connect I like to share it with you.

Christian Romance Magazine is one of those places! CRM offers a whole bunch of info on Christian books and writing. They also offer readers a chance to comment on their favorite books. Visit their website today and check out the books listed - and if you've read any of my titles, PLEASE leave a comment! All 5 of them can be found on the review page. CRM is listed in the sidebar under Areas of Interest for Authors & Readers.

On another note, Catholics around the world know and understand the Lenten season. It is a special time for reflection, fasting, prayer and giving. Six weeks of focusing on the beattitudes of Christ and implementing them in our life to a deeper degree.

Even if you're not Catholic, this practice is a good one and fasting doesn't have to be food y'know - you can fast television and replace it with prayer or bible study, fast negativism and speak only positive, fast criticism and uplift instead - who knows, after six weeks these may become a way of life.

Well that's about it for today - Oh, Wait!

I promised Sharon Donovan that I'd mention her new story, The Claddagh Ring which was released yesterday @ The Wild Rose Press.

Join me Saturday for a Spotlight on Kim Watters!

Until later.....take care and Be Blessed!


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