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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Authors & Their Books

Promotion is an integral part of an author's career and how readers find new authors and their books.

As you know, when I find a new or unique way for readers and writers to connect, I try and share that with you.

Well, here is a new one for you!

Author Ernie Johnson has set up a blog, Authors and Their Books where he spotlights authors and their books and has a book give-away!

The rules are very simple for authors and readers:

1) First we need to have 50 authors listed on the blog.

2) We need to have 50 DIFFERENT commenters on the author's books. Those eligible to be in the drawing only need to comment on one book, but each one of these authors, and I know from experience, as I am one, we love to see comments about our books because we've worked very hard for our readers.

3) After the first drawing, I have four more books that have been donated to the give-a-way, so it would be a GOOD idea if you followed this blog by clicking the link at the beginning of this blog to keep abreast of the winners, and of the book you can win.

4) The second drawing will be at 60 books, or every ten books thereafter

5) The winner(s) will be announced here at AUTHORS AND THEIR BOOKS BLOG

What an interesting concept!
Tempered Joy is featured on the Authors and Their Books Blog so check it out and leave a comment!
Authors and Their Books is listed in my sidebar under "Areas of Interest for Writers and Readers"
Don't Forget - My Sweetheart Contest ENDS tomorrow and the winner will be announced Valentines Day - so get your entry in now!
Also, Charlene Sands will be our Saturday Spotlight guest - so c'mon back!
Until later....Be Blessed!

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