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Monday, August 18, 2008

No Accountability?

A very dear friend of mine who is a deeply spiritual person read The Secret and made a comment that she would never recommend this book to a new Christian because there is no accountability.

She feels that the book promotes thinking and visualizing through 'the universe' without any emphasis on being accountable to God or anyone for your thoughts and actions.

However, when I read The Secret, the author talks a lot about "you can't harm another with your thoughts or intentions (well you can BUT) those same thoughts and intentions will come back into your life in the form of negative things."

Kinda like the proverb, "whatever you sow you shall reap."

So let me ask you, is there accountabilty?

You decide. :-)

Thursday I'll be spotlighting author Michelle Sutton and her book, It's Not About Me.

Until later remember....sow joy and joy will abound in your life!
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