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Saturday, March 17, 2018

#SaturdaySpotlight is on Stacey Weeks & The Builder's Reluctant Bride

Good Morning!

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Last month Stacey shared her book In Too Deep on our spotlight, today she brings us The Builder's Reluctant Bride.....

He Wants a Second Chance. She Says There’s No Going Back. Ten years ago, a public disgrace sent Jenna Jenkins running from her hometown. Now, the success of her professional future hinges on joining her hometown church restoration project. Her partner and team leader on the job is William Scott—expert renovator, volunteer fireman, and the ex-flame who ruined her life. William is in crisis, facing the tightening screws of personal and professional failure. When the interior designer on the church renovation project turns out to be Jenna, William sees it as a chance to make amends. But Jenna wants nothing to do with him. How much will William sacrifice to redeem his mistakes and prove his love? Can Jenna protect her heart this time or will William break her for good?

Watch the book trailer!

The Builder's Reluctant Bride is available at Amazon and Pelican Book Group 

Download and read the first two chapters FREE here!

What inspired you to write The Builder’s Reluctant Bride?

I wanted to write a story about the messiness of real life. Too often, following the Lord Jesus Christ is portrayed as a simple fix to our troubles. But Scripture teaches us something quite different. Turning to Jesus does not guarantee a removal of our troubles. In fact, it is more likely to increase them as we walk in opposition to the world. Following Jesus is not easy. We are commanded to do things that are impossible in our flesh, but they become possible as we depend on the Holy Spirit’s power and live in submission to God. 

Can you tell us a little more about yourself and direct us to where readers can find you?

I am from the play-until-the-streetlights-turn-on and come-when-your-father-whistles generation. I’m a cool-off-in-the-sprinkler, drink-straight-from-the-hose, and fish-off-the-pier kind of girl. I’m loyal even when others are not. I’ve wrestled with brothers, played Barbie with neighbors, and stayed up too late reading just one more chapter. 

I’m from BIG Sunday dinners, steaming hot tea, and Saturday morning coin-sized pancakes. I grew up with Tupperware, paper bag lunches, Yorkshire pudding, and mashed potatoes. Lots of mashed potatoes. My family is a finish-what-you-start, bargain shopping, home cooking, and respect-your-elders kind of family. I am one of four children framed in memories on a wall. I jumped off docks, endured eight-hour trips that took twelve, and sat in the middle bench seat of the family sedan. I am a wait until you enter the house before driving away kind of mom. I boil the kettle in a crisis, and I know that a job worth doing is worth doing right. I am a fixer of old things, painter of everything, cleansed and forgiven child of God. I believe that nothing matters more than the Lord Jesus Christ and who I believe He is.

Website: www.staceyweeks.com - I post weekly devotionals and regular home renovation projects and crafts under the blog tab. You’ll find links and information on all of my books.

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Thank you so much Stacey and friends for joining us today! Check back each week for Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight.

Until next time take care and God bless.


Emily Conrad said...

I always enjoy learning more about another Pelican author's work. Thanks for sharing about The Builder's Reluctant Bride!

Jacqueline Seewald said...

This sounds like a very good book! Wishing you much success.

KatieC said...

Lots of mashed potatoes...yes! haha Sounds like a great book!

Stacey Weeks said...

Thanks, Jacqueline. The Builder's Reluctant Bride was named best Christian romance at the 2017 Word Awards. It was very exciting!

Stacey Weeks said...

Hi Katie, I could eat mashed potatoes all day every day. Yum!! Thanks for stopping by.

Stacey Weeks said...

Hi Emily, thanks for stopping by to say hi!

Barbara Britton said...

Hi Stacey,
I like big Sunday dinners, too. I just have to learn to do some prep the day before. Sundays can be hectic.
Congrats on the book.

marilyn leach said...

Thanks for sharing, Stacey. I pray your book blesses your readers. It sounds like it has all the ingredients to do that. Cheers

Stacey Weeks said...

Hi Barbara, I came from big Sunday dinners but we don't actually do them in our home unless it is a holiday. Sundays are a very busy day for this ministry family so we take it easy once we get home! I do love a big Sunday dinner though...

Stacey Weeks said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Marilyn!

Susan Coryell said...

You sound like a no-nonsense woman with a Normal Rockwell childhood (well, maybe except for the Yorkshire pudding!)
Best wishes for continued success--in life and writing.

Stacey Weeks said...

Hi Susan, thanks for stopping by to comment. I guess I am a no-nonsense woman :-) The Yorkshire pudding comes from my mother's British background.