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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

#TuesdayTreasures Guest post by Patricia Preston

Good Morning!

It's been a crazy couple of days so I'm going to just welcome you and let Patricia take the blog....

One thing I think we should all treasure is hope. The hope that your life will be better and/or your dreams will come true is what keeps us going. Hope can get you up in the morning and push you forward. Yet, sometimes, it is hard to hang onto hope. I have had it slip away many times and I think those are the most empty times, when you don’t feel hopeful about your future.

I was lucky enough to have some good friends, whom I treasure, that were supportive and encouraging. The main thing you have to do is get up and do something productive. I think goals inspire hope. Hope comes along with wanting to see something accomplished. So if your hope is lagging, imagine yourself doing something and succeeding. Hope will latch onto that. 

I wish you much hope, inspiration and joy in the new year!


Thanks for stopping by Pam’s blog today. I write mainstream romantic novels as well as historicals and humor. Must haves in my writing cave include sweet tea, epic music and plenty of notebooks. Besides writing, I love music, history, the French Quarter, photography, reading and anything containing chocolate. I’m a fangirl of Supernatural and Walking Dead. I don’t do much with my life other than write.

I think good books make great friends! I hope some of my characters will become your friends. Here’s the recipe for my romance: Take one captivating couple, mix with adversity and angst, sprinkle with humor and add passion! If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, indulge in my contemporary series, Love Heals All. The series is set in a fictional Tennessee town, Lafayette Falls, south of Nashville where romance causes havoc, heartache, and humor for a cast of unsuspecting doctors until they realize love heals all.

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Today is release day for my new book, an enemies-to-lovers plot involving high school adversaries who are reunited fifteen years later….

(Enemies to Lovers)

The man most likely to drive her crazy…
Growing up in Lafayette Falls, senator’s daughter Natalie Layton hid her sorrows behind a bright smile that charmed everyone in high school—except Brett Harris. Hardworking and highly motivated, Brett dismissed Natalie as a slacker. Instead, she’s become an acclaimed photographer. And when Brett, now a successful cardiologist, needs her family’s help to secure a coveted position, Natalie’s more than happy to prescribe a little payback…
Hailing from the wrong side of the tracks, Brett believed he could never win the school’s popular princess. Now he’s intrigued by the complex and compassionate woman Natalie’s become. Gaining her grandmother’s goodwill is the key to becoming chief cardiologist—and Natalie has no intention of making it easy. But as mutual mistrust gives way to pure chemistry, there’s more at stake than either ever expected—and much more to learn about matters of the heart…
Here’s an excerpt from the end of Chapter 1

Talk about the opportunity of a lifetime. If he could become Anna Layton’s physician, he would literally have it made. He would have Harry and Sheldon’s support and gratitude, which meant he could create a superior cardiology program at LFMC. Perhaps, someday, there would be a heart center named after him and he would be remembered for all posterity. Yes, he was definitely Type A.
“Do you want to speak with your mother and then give me call?” he asked Harry.
“Well, we have a little something different in mind.” Both Harry and Sheldon looked at Natalie as if it were her turn to speak up.
She tapped her fingers on the table. “I’m home for a few weeks, and I’m staying with my grandmother.” She managed to choke out the rest, “You can come over as my dinner guest tomorrow night.”
It took him a moment to process that. “Okay. So I’m not coming over as a doctor. I’m coming over as your date?”
“A date is kinda stretching it,” she said as if to say that was never gonna happen. “An old friend from high school.”
“Friend,” he repeated, meeting her gaze. “Seriously?”
“It was Uncle Harry and Aunt Lorraine’s idea.” She was quick to clarify, and she frowned at her uncle, who had a mouthful of cheese Danish. “And it’s not a good idea. It’s not going to work. Not with Nana.”
“Natalie, you promised us you’d help out.” Harry took a swig of coffee. “We’re counting on you.”
She shook her head, and Brett realized she was totally against the idea, which might cost him the chief of cardiology position.
He sat up straight. “Natalie, you do understand what’s at stake here?”
“Besides your ego?” She didn’t blink as she looked him straight in the eye. It appeared that, since high school, she had developed a Terminator stare.
He didn’t flinch. “Do you want me to help your grandmother or not?”
Her phone lit up, and she checked a text message. She stuck her phone back in her purse and withdrew a small notepad. She scribbled on it, then tore off the paper and folded it. “I’ve got to meet someone,” she announced.
She hitched her purse strap on her shoulder, and she leaned across the table to hand Brett the folded paper. “Here’s my cell number. If something comes up and you can’t make it tomorrow night, call me. Otherwise, dinner is at seven. Sports jacket. No tie. Be at Nana’s house, which is the Castle House on Rosewood, by six forty-five.”
“I’ll be there.” He tucked the paper into the pocket of his jacket.
In a low, vindictive voice, she said, “Isn’t it amazing to think that I’m the key to your success?” She glanced at Sheldon and Harry before she delivered a parting blow. “Nana is a piranha, Brett. She’ll eat you alive and not even burp.”

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Wow...I like this one already, Patricia! Good luck with it.

Hope you enjoyed today's post and you'll stop by each week for Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight.

Until next time, take care and God bless.


Patricia Preston said...

Thanks for having me over on Treasure Tuesday! Hope everyone has a great week!

Maureen said...

What a unique, thought provoking answer- where would we be without hope. I enjoyed the excerpt.

Patricia Preston said...

Maureen: Thank you! Always hang on to hope and I find that easier said than done sometimes.

Alicia Dean said...

I love your recipe! Well put. Sounds like a great read!

Patricia Preston said...

Thank you, Alicia! Appreciate you stopping by.

Kara O'Neal said...

It's hard to hold on to hope. I try, but fail often. I appreciate the post, thank you. And I loved your excerpt! Thanks for sharing.

Patricia Preston said...

Kara: I know what you mean. In the past, I have had mild depression and that tends to make you feel like you have no hope. My cousin committed suicide and no one could understand how he could have done that but I understand completely. He was very ill and facing an uncertain future financially, plus he lived alone. I think he simply didn't see any hope in the future.

Glad you enjoyed the excerpt!

Diane Burton said...

Hope has to be the most powerful emotion. Without hope, where would be be? In bed, covers pulled over our heads? Hiding out in the mountains? I write sci-fi romance because I believe in the future, that life will go on. Best wishes.

Patricia Preston said...

Thanks for stopping by, Diane! Glad you agree about hope!