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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday Thoughts: Random Ramblings on Being Single & Finding a Mate

Nearly 4 years ago I was thrust into life as a single woman, the future I'd planned aborted by the death of my husband. Let me tell you the journey from wife to widow to individual has not been and is not easy! Especially for someone like me, someone who from the moment she could articulate, wanted to be a wife and mother.

Of course I'm grateful for the years I spent as a wife, mother & step-mother and I'm eternally grateful for my children and grandchildren but I miss my husband and I do not like being single....There I said it!!

I don't know how to be single and am too tired to figure out the games men and women play with each other. I prefer being open and honest and true to myself.

What you see is what you get...You like it? Good!
You don't? Hit the road it's your loss!

That might sound harsh but to be even more blunt, life is TOO SHORT for pettiness, bullshit and drama.

Why is it that these men my age and older are so into young, petite, compact bodies, big boobs and long hair instead of being concerned with the HEART of a woman. A real woman who knows how to love and appreciate a man?


When I questioned God about this the advice He gave me was.... "Do not look for a mate in the flesh. Look for a mate in the spirit and that mate will come to you in the flesh."

Last evening I spoke with a lovely young woman who laughingly said she had a list of qualities she desired in a husband. Earlier in the day I visited with a friend whose brothers wife had made such a list (before they met) and was blessed with her perfect mate.

So, taking the advice of my Father I described my soul mate.... A spiritual man, loving, kind, healthy, energetic, attractive, financially secure, emotionally available, loves to laugh, love, play, grow, help others, travel and DANCE!

Not sure how long it will be until this man enters my life but until he does, I am not up to playing games with the rest of you guys.

Love you ALL but not happening.

I pray you single ladies and gents take courage and recognize what you truly desire in a life partner then work on healing your soul and life so that you will be ready when he/she comes to you!

Something to think about... "Inspirational with an Edge!" (tm)


Donna B said...

God bless you! We are not meant to be alone, and that's what you're feeling. He will send you the perfect one for you in His time. Oh my goodness, patience...

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

I know Donna. Thanks for the encouragement!

Paige said...

Not due to physical death ... but I experienced life as a single woman after my marriage unexpectedly died when my husband of 14 years decided not to be married anymore. The 3 1/2 years I was single were difficult and yet some of my biggest blessings came out of that dark experience. And guess what ... I did make a list of qualities (or rather asked God to show me what sort of man I was looking for and He gave me a list). The man I married fits that list absolutely perfectly, right down to the hazel eyes and the guitar. :) Praying God will send you a perfect mate to bless you, Pam!

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Thanks Paige for sharing your story!
May God continue to bless you both.

Karla Akins said...

Pam, I can't imagine what it must be like, but I do know that God is up to something good. I know you can trust Him no matter what. If I were to find myself single again I can imagine I'd have the same feelings you have -- I'm not a game player, either! I'm into authenticity. 100% genuine is all I am and know how to be! Hugs, dear sister.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Thanks Karla! I pray you never walk this road. :)