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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday Treasure - A Piece of Heaven by Donna B Snow

Good Morning Friends!

Donna and I have been friends and critique partners for quite some time and I know this story is near and dear to her heart - a true dream of something she would like to do, so it is with great pleasure I bring this title to you. Enjoy!

Trina Wembly dreamt of owning a Christian coffee house for years –a Godly place where people could enjoy a good meal, and entertainment that was pleasing to God. A Piece of Heaven is that dream, and Trina the star entertainer.

Jared Larou, the construction foreman who helps design and build the coffee house, is a wounded soul with a soft heart, a soft heart that Trina is drawn to.

Trina knows God is the only one who can heal Jared’s wounded soul. Does she have the faith and patience to wait on God’s will – if it is God’s will?

A Piece of Heaven can be purchased at Pelican Book Group, Amazon & BarnesandNoble!

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.—Proverbs 3:5

Trina Wembly stared at the name painted on the frosted glass, Dared Construction & Design. This was it, the start of her dream. She took a deep breath and pulled the door open. She hoped everything she’d heard about them was true. 

She tugged at her gypsy skirt, smoothed a hand along the soft cotton, and then wrapped the other hand around her leather shoulder bag. Heart pounding, she stepped inside. 
Classy, but understated. The reception area was a contrast of styles: elegant, not ostentatious; a bit eclectic, but well blended. She eased her grip as she absorbed the warm atmosphere the company had created. 

Framed prints hung on the walls, one by M.C. Escher. She recognized her favorite—Convex and Concave. Others she didn’t recognize with certainty, but would have guessed—Monet and Van Gogh, to name a couple. Intermixed with them were pictures of construction sites, some works in progress, some after completion. All Dared sites. All wonderful pieces of architecture that added to the environment they were in.

From cottage style, to country, to contemporary with a Mediterranean flair—color and texture and style surrounded her. Oh yeah, they could help her create the atmosphere she wanted in A Piece of Heaven, turn her dream into something real. Still, would they be able to get her vision from her simple drawings? 

“Can I help you?”

Trina whipped around, a hand to her throat. “Oh, I didn’t hear you.” She looked up, past broad shoulders covered by a white dress shirt that tightened around the man’s upper chest as he crossed his arms. Guaranteed, he didn’t spend all his time behind a desk.

Serious gray eyes stared back. His face settled into a quiet smile as he raised his brows. “Can I help you?”

About the Author....

Donna is a native New Englander and has lived there all her life except for a year in northern California (which reminded her of home). She  loves the change of seasons and the beauty each one brings. and says there is no place else that will ever feel like home.

She's been married for 20 years and has one teenage daughter who will be going to college next year. 

An active member in her church, she is a member of the choir (along with her daughter), and she writes not just stories, but her own music as well (that she hopes to get published also).

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Also Available from PBG, Amazon & BNN!


Donna Basinow said...

Thanks so much for spotlighting my story Pam. Yes indeed this is my dream. I hope everyone who reads it enjoys my little piece of heaven!

Jody said...

Nice! Can't wait to find out the answer to "Can I help you?"

Karla Akins said...

What a lovely interview. Congrats, Donna, on a dream come true. Can't wait to read your "heavenly" book!

Delia Latham said...

Sounds soooo good, Donna! I'm really looking forward to my next chance to get in some reading time... Congrats on what sounds like a lovely story.

Tanya Hanson said...

Hi Donna, wow, New England. Our visit there just wasn't long enough. Congrats on this terrific story, and may you have tons of blessings and success! xo