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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday Treasures - Family & Friends

Most people take for granted that everyone treasures their family. Well, we can look at the divorce and abuse statistics and know that isn't true. We all have people in our lives that get on our nerves and whose lifestyle we may not approve.

That is NO reason not to love and treasure them!

People are a precious commodity - so precious that God sent his only Son to redeem them ALL.

The bible teaches us that we should love our neighbor and honor our parents and that parents should love their children and not provoke them.

This past week my family lost two members unexpectedly. One, a 72 yr old uncle who, until the sudden illness that took his life was relatively healthy. The second, an 18 yr old cousin.

To say we are devastated by these losses is an understatement, and yet there are some who will not put aside their love of self to support those closest to these.

This is not how it should be!

God gave us each other to love and to cherish, to honor and respect.

Mother's day is a few days away, Father's Day next month - I'm challenging you to make EVERY day Mother's Day & Father's Day and your children's birthday!

(Happy Birthday to my son - TJ!)

Make EVERY day a celebration and take every opportunity you can to tell the family and friends you have how much you love and appreciate them!

Be the one to take the first step. Be the peacemaker. Be the change you want to see in your life and your family.

May God Bless you ALL!

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