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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday Spotlight - Willis Abshire & The Curse, the Diary and the Cross: Book One: The Curse Begins

Good Morning Friends!

In all of my Saturday Spotlights, I haven't featured many of my Bayou Writers Group friends so it is with GREAT pleasure I share this one with you!

Mr. Willis Abshire came to our group a couple of years ago and has been a welcome addition to the BWG family ever since! He is a retired Residential and Commercial Painting Contractor from a small rural community in south central Louisiana.  A former Pastor he enjoys his writings and spending time with his wife Vickie along with their seven children, eleven grandchildren and two great grandchildren with another on the way.

The Curse, the Diary and the Cross: Book One: The Curse Begins, is his debut novel. 

Find out more about Mr. Abshire by visiting his website, blog or connecting with him on Twitter and Facebook!

In early spring of 1872, Donya Heidsheim stood on the banks of the Weser River looking out at the raging waters.  Her father brutally murdered, and her mother dead from a broken heart, left unanswered questions.  She would no longer pray to the God her parents taught her to love.  In anger she screamed out for revenge. 
       Someone heard her anger.  It appeared to her.  Something gave her peace and a chance for revenge.  Something gave her a chance to see her child again. But it all came with a high price tag.
       The peaceful village of Brunstoke, Germany, surrounded by the beautiful Harz Mountains, was invaded by an ancient sect.  A presence as old as the Garden uses the manipulation of lust and avarice to wrap its talons around Brunstoke’s nobility. 
       Sent from the throne of God, two unlikely companions join forces to work together to combat the curse placed on the Brunstoke family.  Shomer the warring angel for the righteous, and Leb, a mystery character fight the forces of the fallen ones who try to destroy God’s seed born of faith through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Excerpt: Early March, 1872

The chilly evening wind wrapped itself around the young woman as she looked out into the swift current of the Weser River.  Her thoughts went back to yesterday afternoon when she had stood at the graves of her parents, Greta and Achim Heidsheim.  The brutal death of her father and the witnessing of her mother (with no will to live, and a broken heart) succumb to pneumonia, left Donya Heidsheim confused and enraged. 
She turned to look at the little cottage that now belonged to her.  The secure home where once she had been surrounded by love—was now an empty shell containing only memories of the familiar voices that had once encouraged her. 
            She stared at the three Bibles in her hands—the one her parents gave her as a child and the two that her mother and father had given to each other.  Wrestling with her conscience the night before had left her exhausted, frustrated and angry.  She looked up at the heavens.  The clouds passed by her rapidly appearing to give the full moon movement. 
“I hate you,” she whispered as tears ran down her face and dripped onto the Bibles.  
The thoughts echoing in her mind taunted her.  You’re allowing hatred and deception to rule your heart.  Your parents taught you truth. 
“I hate you, I hate you,” screamed Donya as she looked out into the expanse of the Weser River.  Her vision was clouded by tears.  Then her mind’s eye saw him.  The old white haired man she had seen many times in her dreams.  
“Don’t give in to this anger.  Call out to God and he will give you the peace you need.” 
“Leave me alone.”  Her voice took on a low deliberate guttural tone.  She drew in a deep cold breath and stiffened.  “How many have put their trust in you and all they’ve gotten is misery?” 
She lifted the three Bibles and threw them into the Weser River.  The books opened as they fell and the wind jostled the pages as they hit the water.  Then they were swallowed up by the turbulent current.
The gentle voice startled her.  She turned around noticing the silhouette of a man approaching her from the shadows of her home.  She couldn’t make out his features. 
“Don’t be afraid.  I mean you no harm.”  He continued walking forward allowing her to assess him.  Then he stood before her staring intently. 
The air around him was electrified with energy against his black clothes.  His appearance captured her.  He was tall and handsome, and his deep-set eyes penetrated her stare consuming her gaze.  His build was not overly muscular but lean and strong.  His teeth were white, his lips appealing. 
Instantly she felt drawn to him.  “Who are you?”
            “My name is Ganav.  I serve the true god Nachash and he has heard your anguish.  I am his prophet.  I’ve been sent to avenge your wounds. What has happened to your father will not go unheeded.  The Jesus God doesn’t want to hear you because he’s a god who doesn’t care.”  He reached out and held her gently in his arms as he stroked her face. 
She yielded to his advance.  He kissed her.  His breath entered her.  Inhaling, the prospect of revenge brought her a sense of peace. 
He pulled back and for a moment faced away.  When he turned back to face her, he held a young child.  “Donya, behold your son.” 

You can purchase The Curse, the Diary and the Cross: Book One: The Curse Begins from the Publisher, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and any other online distributor including Books A Million. Soft Cover copies can be purchased directly from Mr. Abshire!

Well Friends, hope you enjoyed this Saturday Spotlight as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you. Stay tuned for more great books & authors including BWG members!

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