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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday Treasures - Children's Books!

Hello Friends,

Today's Tuesday Treasures is special because I love to buy my grandchildren books and these two look like good ones to check out!  Enjoy....

Cindy Springsteen author of Waffles and Pancakes A Lesson in Bullying lives on Long Island with her husband and two children. She has had a passion for writing since she was in her teens, starting with poetry, which won her numerous awards and were published in various publications. She also spent many years researching and writing about parenting teenagers for various publications. She presently is a virtual assistant for a top author. She currently is working on a novel, which she hopes to finish and release within the next year. There are also other Waffles and Pancakes stories in the works for the near future.

Find out more about Cindy from her Website, Face Book page, Good Reads, follow her on Twitter or Email her!

Waffles and Pancakes are two hamsters who were bought from the pet store on the very same day. But their owners, Danny and Griffin, don't treat them the same way. Pancakes has a lovely new home to play around in with wheels and tunnels. Waffles only has a small box. But when Waffles and Pancakes meet up again, they realize that there are more important things than material possessions.

'This book is definitely a must read not just for young children but for older kids and adults too.'
Fran Lewis

“I only have a tiny house,” replied Waffles.
“The size of your house doesn’t matter as long as you have people who love you,” said Pancakes. “Does Danny play with you every day?”
“Why, of course he does,” replied Waffles.
“Well Griffin has lots and lots of toys so he kind of forgets about me. I am so lonely. I have this beautiful house but no one to play with me. You may have a small home, but someone loves you and plays with you every day.”
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Waffles and Pancakes are two hamsters, from the same pet store, that went to their new homes on the same day. They also happen to be the best of friends. In their first adventure, their owners became best friends, too. Together the four learned the lesson of true friendship. Now Waffles and Pancakes, along with their owners, are about to learn another lesson, A Lesson in Bullying.

Join Waffles and Pancakes, along with Danny and Griffin, their owners, as they come face to face with a couple of bullies; Tom and his guinea pig, Oscar. Will Waffles, Pancakes, and their owners be able to become friends with Tom and Oscar? Find out when you read Waffles and Pancakes: A Lesson In Bullying.
While sitting in the lobby, Waffles and Pancakes were scared. They didn’t want to be at the doctor. No one likes the doctor, but everyone knows that they are good for you and can make you feel better. Could the vet help? How were they going to let the doctor know what was really wrong?
The problem had started a week earlier when the hamsters went for their check-ups. In the lobby, a guinea pig named Oscar started saying mean things to Waffles and Pancakes. Oscar told them they were ugly and fat.
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Endorsements for Waffles and Pancakes!

“Middle School is TOO LATE! We need to teach our children while they are young. With Waffles and Pancakes: A Lesson In Bullying Cindy Springsteen gives us the words, with colorful illustrations and an endearing story of two hamsters and a guinea pig. It's a page turner for kids!” ~Lynne Kenney, Pediatric Psychologist, The Family Coach.

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