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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Spotlight ~ New Release from White Rose Publishing!

Good Morning Friends and a beautiful day it is! Hot but lovely.
Today I'm happy to share with you this week's new release from White Rose Publishing~Buried Treasures by Mary Manners!
Ever notice sometimes the things that are right in front of us are the things we fail to fully recognize? Caroline's about to experience that very thing. You don't want to miss handsome, Matt Carlson, as he convinces Caroline he's her second chance at happiness. Download it today!

When Caroline flees Chicago following the brutal murder of her husband, the last thing she expects—or wants—is to fall for Matt Carlson, a builder with strong roots in the small town of Mountainview, Tennessee. She needs to focus on raising her six-year-old daughter and protecting both their hearts from ever being shattered again.

Matt is struggling with issues of his own…guilt over the death of his wife and the responsibility of raising a cynical teenaged nephew who is dropped on his doorstep, abandoned by Matt's alcoholic sister. He doesn't have time to fall in love, yet he can't help being drawn to the woman who is ready to defend her home—and her daughter—with nothing more than a feisty attitude and a broom handle.

Can Matt's help and friendship convince Caroline to trust again…and when Caroline's daughter goes missing, will Matt be able to find the girl before it's too late and he loses everything he loves…again?
Buried Treasures is available now in Ebook and Print!

Well Friends, I'm off to a writer's meeting today and on the road to LA tomorrow but I'll be checking in.

Stay tuned next week for (hopefully) more news & reviews on The Visionary.

Until later....take care & God Bless!


Mary Manners said...


Thanks so much for hosting me. I appreciate you!!!

Donna B said...

Nice post, Pam! Story sounds great, Mary!

Dora Hiers said...

Pamela, thanks so much for sharing this latest release from Mary.

Mary, BURIED TREASURES sounds fabulous. Congrats!

Mary Manners said...

Wow, Donna and Dora, you two have really made the rounds today! THANK YOU!!! And thank you, Pam, for the great post. You all are amazing and wonderful!

Marianne Evans said...

Congratulations, Mary! Sounds like another phenomenal release! Can't wait to read it. Blessings ~

Mary Manners said...


I truly appreciate you taking the time to make the rounds. Your kindness means so much to me!