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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Reviews are Coming In!

Hello Friends!
Well this is the information I've longed to post about for months now LOL!

As you all are aware I contracted my debut Women's Fiction novel, The Visionary in July 2010 with Five Star Expressions. It has been a long road, but things are finally starting to happen. On June 15th I received the Advanced Review Copies (ARC) along with release date and other info!
Here's what the ARC looks like - this is NOT the actual cover ~ I am still working with the artist to perfect the artwork for the cover jacket!

Advance praise for The Visionary:
“Pamela has written a heart-warming story that tackles tough issues in a satisfying way. Books that leave the reader feeling that good are rare. A job well done.” —Mirella Patzer, author of Bloodstone Castle
“Once again, I am struck by Ms. Thibodeaux’s ability to create realistic characters and situations that both portray things the way they truly are for Christians and honor God, while never becoming graphic. This story in particular tackles tough, dark, gritty subjects, not the least of which being how difficult forgiveness can be. It is a true crime she is not on the New York Times bestseller list; the world desperately needs to read things like this timely, relevant tale.” —Amanda Killgore, reviewer for Huntress Reviews & Mists and Stars
Publisher: Five Star, a part of Gale Cengage Learning
ISBN#: 978-1-4328-2549-2    Release Date: 11/16/2011   Sale Date: 12/7/2011

Anyway, I began sending out these ARC's to readers and review sites~Today I'm happy to share with you my first review by my friend and yours ~ Winona Bennett Cross, President of the Red River Romance Writers—Chapter 124 RWA, Wichita Falls, TX.
Pamela S. Thibodeaux debuts her inspirational women’s fiction novel, THE VISIONARY in time for Christmas. Fraternal twins Taylor and Trevor Forrestier share a successful architectural and design firm in Lake Charles, LA. The twins are close, but closed to others. Their successes and outward appearances belie a nightmarish past. Alex Broussard, a client and Pam LeBlanc, their office manager, fall in love with Taylor and Trevor. They are strong support systems for the emotionally fragile twins. THE VISIONARY is a story of surviving hell, dealing with hatred, lack of trust, betrayal of the utmost sort, and pain. The paths Taylor and Trevor traverse are never smooth. Faith and forgiveness through tragedies in their past and the present lead each of them on separate healing journeys. They finally find and accept unconditional love at the end of the tortuous road. As far as this reviewer is aware she has read everything Ms. Thibodeaux has had published . . .The Tempered Series, The Inheritance, and several well-crafted short stories but it is my belief that THE VISIONARY will be Ms. Thibodeaux’s break-out novel. Ms. Thibodeaux is deserving of a place on the New York Times Bestseller List in her category. THE VISIONARY was clearly divinely inspired. Writing about abuse in any form must be done delicately and cautiously. The messages within the covers of THE VISIONARY offer hope to readers who have experienced or are experiencing abuse. It offers insight to readers who have not experienced such things. It offers healing. Most importantly, it delineates the path toward hope and healing. This reviewer, a retired Registered Nurse, believes crisis centers, counselors, psychiatrists, and others who work with those suffering abuse can successfully use this novel. The words crafted by Ms. Thibodeaux are filled with promise. Ms. Thibodeaux has been tagged as “inspirational with an edge.” Her words portray real-life issues for Christians. Her characters are human.
Thank You Nona!
Well Friends, stay tuned weekly because I'll be posting reviews as they come in and as soon as I have a confirmed cover - I'll be posting it here too!
Until later take care, God Bless and remember....The awesome power of God can heal the most wounded of souls.

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