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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Tory Richards aka Debbie Wallace

Good Morning Friends,

Well as usual life is in a whirlwind LOL! Since I returned from WA on the 18th I've....done bookkeeping, attended an Artist Fest with my books (met some WONDERFUL people, sold a few books & had a BLAST!), met another artist who has beautiful work and who is creating a possible cover for The Visionary, had a photo shoot with a photographer to update my picture for publicity (more on that later), and now I'm getting ready to head back to Bandera & the Silver Spur for a week. Since my Tempered series is set in Bandera, I'll have some time in Silver Spur's booth at "Celebrate Bandera Festival" so if you're in the area c'mon out and see us!

IMW, please welcome to our Saturday Spotlight, author Tory Richards who writes "Romance with an Attitude." (I like that tagline LOL!)

First, a little about Tory in her own words.....
I'm in my early fifties, am happily married, have one daughter and one granddaughter. And a niece who's like my second daughter. I honestly don't know what I'd do without any one of them. On top of writing, I work full time. Right now writing is a hobby for me. My goals are simple and realistic. By the time I retire I'll be happy if I'm just making enough "mad money" from it to be able to travel a little and spoil my grandchildren. I like to travel any place a cruise ship will take me. I don't like to fly but I will if I have to. I collect antiques, most especially crocks, and art. I love chocolate, (who doesn't?) And good coffee. I've wanted to be a writer since I was a kid, only life got in the way of my dreams. A few years ago I decided to get serious.

And now... The Senator's Daughter......

Most women kidnapped on the eve of their wedding would be devastated, but not Sophie. She's thankful for being rescued from marrying a millionaire she doesn't love. Besides, her abductor is a gorgeous hunk who makes her feel anything but frightened.

Brent can't believe he let Senator Adams talk him into kidnapping his daughter. Now he has a hellion on his hands, who's as clever as she is beautiful. He tries to convince himself she's not his type, but every time he touches her he can't deny the rush of sensation that leads straight to his loins, and then his heart. Soon he begins to question; can he let her go when it's over?

Excerpt: How in the world did he expect her to sleep with him lying next to her all night? She already felt the heat from their close proximity, reaching up to undo some of the top buttons of her shirt. She fluffed the material against her hot skin, thanking God for the cool air of the fan overhead.

In the end it wasn't enough. As Brent settled into an exhausted sleep, Sophie lay there burning up, listening to his soft snores and undoing yet another button, and another. She tried to inch away from his hot flesh but their handcuffed wrists prevented her from getting very far. She couldn't even roll onto her side, which was how she usually liked to sleep. She stilled for a second before fluffing her shirt again. What had she ever done to deserve this kind of torture? God, it was like a furnace…

"Will you be still!" Brent grumbled.

"I'm hot!" She whispered, defending herself.

"Well if you'd stopped wiggling you'd cool down. I'm hot too."

This was impossible, Sophie thought, squirming to get into a more comfortable position. She was frightened but more than that, she was aware of his closeness. He had no right, forcing her to sleep with him! He released a snort as she continued to twist and turn.

Her fingertips inadvertently brushed against his muscular thigh. She tried to pretend it didn't happen but that was like trying to pretend she wasn't a woman. Besides, now her fingertips were singed and worse, tingling.

"Damn it!" Brent barked losing control.

"I'm use to sleeping on my side," she said in her defense.

With a deep sigh that sounded more like a grumble of aggravation Brent rolled to his side, turning her with him so that when they were finally settled she was in the scooped out hollow provided by his body, with his arm around her. She gasped at his audacity, trying to scoot away but he yanked her back just as easily. "Now go to sleep!" he snarled against her ear.

Sophie grew stiff as a board, holding her breath, speechless with shock. The intimacy of their position terrified her. Their bare legs were touching from thigh to ankle. Oh dear Lord this was worse than anything she could have imagined! Everything at that moment became intensified. The warmth of his breath against her ear, stirring her hair. The rhythm of his heart as it beat against her back. His large hand resting against her belly, she could feel every one of his fingers.

Not until his soft, steady breathing indicated he'd fallen back to sleep was she able to finally relax. She could forget about cooling down now, she was hotter than ever, but at least she was on her side. Finally, after an agonizing hour of waiting for the unknown, her eyes began to drift shut and she sank into a welcome slumber.....

Oh my goodness - I'm blushing LOL! Talk about romance with an attitude.

Find out more about Tory (Debbie) by visiting her website and/or blog but I must warn you...these places are hot, hot, hot! You can purchase The Senator's Daughter at Amazon.com.

Well friends, that wraps up another edition of Saturday Spotlight - join me next week for another great author/book!

Until later...take care & be blessed!

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