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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Kelly Bolton

Good Morning Friends!

Well I'm home again for a few days. Leave on the 11th to fly to WA to visit my kids & grandson. Will be gone a week then back home for a few then off again LOL. Thank goodness I have a laptop to keep me in tune with you all!

Today, please join me in welcoming author Kelli Bolton to our Saturday Spotlight with her book, You Said You Loved Me.

Kelli Bolton is a compassionate young woman with a desire to see the Word of God set the lives of his people free.

She earned an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Development in 1998 from Columbus State Community College and a B.A. in Cross-Disciplinary Studies from Ohio Dominican University in 2004. It is at this time that Kelli acknowledged the call of a teacher on her life. She has spent the past ten years helping at risk youth and families through various programs such as; Conflict Resolution, Independent Living Mentor, Community Support Provider and ABLE/GED Instructor.

She is currently employed with Job and Family Services as an Employment Counselor.

Kelli is a faithful member of Agape Family Worship Center under the leadership of Pastor Yolanda Tolliver where she is actively involved in ministry as; Administrative Support Staff, Deaconess in Training, Helps & Hospitality Ministry, Intercessor, and Youth Sunday School teacher . She enjoys fellowship with family, friends and the body of Christ. She is also a member of the Columbus Christian Writer’s Association founded by Barbara Taylor Sanders. She has had two articles published in the online magazine First Lady Magazine and is credited as a contributing author. Her first novel, a Christian fiction book addressing teen dating and domestic violence titled “You Said You Loved Me’ will be released July 2010.

She and her husband Vernon have three children whom are deeply committed to training up the way that they should go.

Kayla Michaels, a freshman attending Virtue Christian Academy get an eye opening about what love is and isn’t. She finds herself dealing with many emotions. Her father recently leaving the home and having to move to another neighborhood. Not to mention her mother has become increasingly angry and punishes Kayla far more than she believes is necessary. At freshman orientation she meets Mark Parks, they exchange phone numbers and being a “friendship” that develops into a “relationship” until they have an argument. Rumor has it that Mark spit in Kayla’s face and she threw a can of pop at his head. The drama unfolds as Kayla walks to her class and sees Mark talking to another and she becomes enraged and attacks him. In order to not lose her scholarship Kayla must attend a class addressing domestic violence, as does Mark. Both have an eye opening experience that will change their lives for ever.

Chapter 4 Excerpt

“Here we are room 219,” Lynn announces in a soft voice.

One by one the women in the group slowly approach a glass window. Behind the glass lies a young woman. Her eyes are closed and a tube coming from her throat is hooked up to a machine sitting beside the bed. She lays motionless while a nurse checks her vital signs and replaces her IV-bag.

Placing her palms against the window, Kayla asks Lynn, “Who is she and why is that tube in her throat? What happened to her?”

“This is my daughter Noelle. The tube is in her throat to help her breathe and she’s here because her boyfriend beat her and left her for dead.” Tears swell up in her eyes as Lynn answers Kayla’s questions. Memories of Noelle’s vibrant spirit and the light from her life that used to shine so brightly began to overwhelm her. That light had been snuffed leaving her daughter pale and lifeless. A small commotion behind her brings Lynn back to herself. Turning around, she sees the young girl Kayla running down the hallway in tears. Her mother catchers her and wraps her in her arms to console her. Wide eyed, the group looks back towards Lynn. Tina stands by her side and puts a reassuring arm around her waist. As Valerie and Kayla return to the window, Lynn shares Noelle’s story with the group.
~ ~ ~ ~
Find out more about Kelli and her writings or purchase her book from her website: http://www.kelliwrites.com/

Well Friends, that wraps up another week - can you believe this year is more than half over?!

Guess time flies whether you're having fun or not.

Join me next week for another edition of Saturday Spotlight.

Until later....take care & be blessed!

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