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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Rita Hestand!

Good Morning Friends,

Well my time at Silver Spur Ranch draws to a close - only a few more days then I'm headed home...but I'll be back LOL!

Please join me in welcoming to our spotlight, Author Rita Hestand with two novels....Jodi's Journey & Beyond the Dream Catcher.

The war was over. The town of Esser Crossing ebbed closer to a slow death while Jodi Parker and Hunter Johnson fought desperately with one last chance to save it, and themselves. Two unlikely people came together against their own will and struggled to carve a newempire. Swollen rivers and Jayhawkers were the least of their troubles on a cattle drive to Kansas, when both carried secrets that could easily destroy them. He had to prove himself, she had to live with her own decisions. A cruel destiny threw them together. Only a true and lasting love could save them.

Katherine Hightower just lost her folks to the fever. All that was left was running the Butterfield stage station with her brother Josh. But she didn't realize her fate had already been sealed by a Shaman of the Shawnee tribe, many miles away. Chase Rivers had been elected to bring Katherine to the village. He'd have to fight Comanches, the U.S. Army and a loco thief to do it. But his real challenge lie in convincing Katherine she was part Shawnee. Even with the help of the Great Spirit and a Shaman, could Chase Rivers convince her to help her own dying people? And could the love that was gifted them hoid strong enough to see them through their trials?

Rita Hestand a long time category romance writer now stretches her wings and brings you two historical western romances that are of Epic proportions. A born Texan herself, Rita has longed to write the western sagas. With ten category romances behind her, and a children's series coming out soon with Guardian Angel Publishing, Rita now brings her home state to life with the rich flavor of the old west and a true Texas. Mother of two, grandmother of seven,and even a great grandmother of one, Rita strives for a balance of kids, writing, and love of nature. Don't miss her new short stories coming this June, "The Far Side of Lonesome" one of her very best releases coming out in A Summer Collection an Anthology.

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Well Folks, sounds like some good reading here. Hope you enjoyed this spotlight and hope to see you again soon!

Until later...take care & be BLESSED.


Redameter said...

Thanks for stopping by, I wish I could read that one. Very interesting.

Redameter said...

Thanks for stopping by, I wish I could read that one. Very interesting.

Sharon Donovan said...

Hi Pam and Rita. Congratulations on your two latest releases, Rita. I visited Texas once and was quite impressed with the aura of adventure that still is palpable on the wild landscape. You have a unique voice and a strong one at that. Wishing you all good things,

Celia Yeary said...

RITA--well, you can read this one! Congratulations on your newest releases. I know a few prolific authors, but I think you're tops. Your mind and creativity must work 24/7 to write so many wonderful stories. Exactly where do all these ideas come from? I've been asked that question, and since I don't know and cannot give an answer, maybe you can. Or is it some mysterious force that overtakes our brains and it just happens?
I've read the excerpts from Jodi's Journey and I read your short story in the first Victory Press Anthology--A Summer Collection--so I know you have a God-given talent. You should be proud--keep it up. Blessings--Celia

Redameter said...

Gosh, Sharon, and Celia, you guys are something else. Thanks for coming by. Where do the ideas come from, well I have been writing a lot of historical all of a sudden, and I think I've had it bottled up for a while and just now decided it was time to come out with the them. I love westerns and hope the world does too. You two are some of the best writers out there, so praise from you guys means a lot.
Thanks again, for stopping by.

Sarah J. McNeal said...

Rita, I love your books. You are such a darling.

Redameter said...

I love your picture Sarah, it's nice to put a face to the name. Thanks again for stopping by.

Linda Swift said...

Rita, very interesting blog. I enjyed it and I have read This Side of Lonesome. It was memorable. I envy you all those grands and greats. I don't have a single one, just a sweet Lhasa apso. I wish you success with all your books. You and Celia Yeary make me wish I had a talent for writing about Texas cowboys!

Rebecca J Vickery said...

Hi Rita,
Love your Texas stories and you always deal with such deep issues that were present even when most people weren't "speaking" of them.
Congrats on all your books and stories. I just can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Miss Mae said...

I'm like Celia, where do you keep coming up with all these stories? Boy, I wish I could do half as well! :)

Best to you, Rita!

Diane Craver said...

Hi Rita,

I loved your Runaway Bride and your novella in A Summer Edition. I'm looking forward to reading your other releases. Hope you continue to sell lots of books - you're a gifted writer.

Redameter said...

You guys were the best, enjoyed being here no end.

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Thanks Pam for having me.
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