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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tremendous Thursday!

Hello Friends,
I didn't get a chance to actually post yesterday (Wonderful Wednesday--yep still working on the perception thing by allocating new, positive labels to things)--anyway, although I didn't post, you can see I've been busy!

I've added a list of Friends Websites as well as a Blogroll to this page. I've also added a list of other places you can find me on the 'Net.

Not much else going on...still working on several projects...a script for The Inheritance, a short story, oh, and a few ebooks I plan to self-publish.

One is finished and it is titled: Simple Promotional Tools for Every Author and I've put it up here for easy purchase!

That's about all for now....until later...take care, stay in touch (your comments are appreciated!), God Bless and remember....let your heart always be tempered before the Lord!

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