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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Love Romances Cafe - Chat tonight!

Hello Friends,

Well made it through Monday, LOL! Now on to today, Tuesday....haven't heard any negative labels put on this particular day but I'm sure there are plenty. ;-)

Why is it that we allow ourselves to get caught up in the craziness of labeling when we should be grateful for every day?

I'm not sure who said it, but some wise soul made this comment...."yesterday is past, tomorrow is future, today is a gift; that's why it's called 'the present'.....well, that may not be an exact quote, but you know what I mean.

God gives us each day to enjoy....so let's be thankful for the blessings in our lives! Someone said that if you take a few minutes each day and write down 5 things that you're thankful for you'll have less reasons to be sad, depressed, aggrivated, etc. So, I'm going to do that...right here and now: I'm so happy and grateful for.....

1) My husband, children, grandchildren, parents, siblings, extended family and friends (like you!)

2) My home, job, co-workers, vehicles.

3) Finances....although it sometimes 'appears' that we lack, I am grateful that my bills are paid, we have food in the freezer and cubbards, and gas in the car!

4) My health and the health of those I love -- although we may have our share of problems I'm grateful for each and every day we live and breathe!

5) Last but certainly not least....Salvation...my salvation and the salvation of my entire family...for the promise of God is that if I would be saved (and I am!) my entire household will be (and are!) saved...in biblical days the household included family/servants/friends/everyone in your life.....And that, my dear Friends, means YOU!

Tonight I'll be chatting at Love Romances Cafe at 7pm cst. This is a loop chat....hope to see you there!

Until later remember to keep your heart Tempered before the Lord!

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Pamela S Thibodeaux
"Inspirational with an Edge!"

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