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Thursday, September 29, 2016

#ThursdayThoughts Guest post by Anna del Mar

Good Morning Friends!

Today's guest is brand new to me and, therefore, new to our blog.

Anna del Mar writes hot, smart romances that soothe the soul, challenge the mind, and satisfy the heart. Her stories focus on strong heroines struggling to find their place in the world and the brave, sexy, kickass, military heroes who defy the limits of their broken bodies to protect the women they love. Anna enjoys traveling, hiking, skiing, and the sea. Writing is her addiction, her drug of choice, and what she wants to do all the time. The extraordinary men and women she met during her years as a Navy wife inspire the fabulous heroes and heroines at the center of her stories. When she stays put—which doesn’t happen very often—she lives in Florida with her indulgent husband and two very opinionated cats.

So nice to meet you Anna! Now let's see what she has to share with us....

I’ve always loved traveling. I find joy in the journey and satisfaction in the learning that comes from it, in meeting new people and experiencing other cultures. But the first time I traveled to Alaska, I found something else: inspiration for my writing, a strong creative drive to share the beauty I discovered there with my readers. I kept going back for more.

From my personal, life-transforming travels through Alaska, my latest romantic suspense, The Stranger, was born. The Stranger is the second book of my Wounded Warrior Series, following on the heels of my Amazon bestseller, The Asset. The Stranger features Summer Silva and Seth Erickson, fire and ice, a most unlikely pair. I like to say that fiery Summer’s character benefited from all of my Alaskan misadventures—believe me, there were plenty of those and they weren’t always pretty or dignified—while icy Seth is Alaska in the flesh.

The story goes something like this: When her sister runs away with a guy she met on the internet, Summer, a warmth-loving Miami architect chases her reckless sibling to Alaska and finds her life in danger from more than the elements. Only a stranger, Seth, a wounded warrior who is also a powerful Alaskan tycoon with a quarreling family as complicated as Summer’s and no time for a lady in distress can save her from disaster. Together, two strangers from different worlds and opposite spectrums of the thermometer must unravel the intrigues that threaten their lives to chase after a new dream, in majestic Alaska.

The vastness, the beauty and the character of Alaska inspired me to write The Stranger. I hope that when you read the story, you are inspired as well. So come along on the journey. I’m happy to share. You can visit Alaska from the comfort of your reader and laugh, cry and feel along with Summer and Seth as they fight their demons and find forever love. And if you fall in love with Alaska, well, believe me. I understand.

Here’s a first review of The Stranger. And it’s an awesome one!

Wow...that's wonderful Anna! My brother and his family live in AK and although I enjoy visiting, I wouldn't want to live there...although I can see how/why you find it inspiring.

Thanks for sharing with us!

Now here's a little about Anna's book....

Ex-military pilot Seth Erickson is fighting his own demons, but when he finds Summer Silva, a beautiful, warmth-loving, Miami woman stranded in the frozen wilderness, he’ll do everything in his power to keep her safe from murder, treason, and the ruthless Alaskan winter.
When a mysterious stranger is your only hope...

The scars of the past have left their mark, both physical and emotional, on former military pilot Seth Erickson. Off-grid in the far reaches of the bitter Alaskan wilderness, he wants only to be left alone with his ghosts. But he can’t ignore a woman in need—beautiful, stranded and nearly frozen with fear.

Summer Silva never imagined that the search for her missing sister would leave her abandoned on a wintry back road, barely escaping with her life from a cold-blooded killer for hire. Now, hiding out in the isolated cabin of the secretive wounded warrior who saved her, Summer knows she must do what she fears most. Putting her trust in a stranger is all she has left.

All defenses are down

After a fiery first night together, Seth and Summer are bound by a need as powerful as a Bering Sea superstorm—and vulnerable to enemies just as fierce. For Seth, reawakened by desire, there is no sacrifice too great, no memory too dark, to keep Summer safe. But murder and treason lurk everywhere and Summer may not survive Alaska’s ruthless winter.
A Wounded Warrior Novel. This book is approximately 110,000 words

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Hope you enjoyed today's thoughts and that you'll check in weekly for Tuesday Treasures, Thursday Thoughts and Saturday Spotlight!

Until next time....take care and God Bless!


Anna del Mar said...

Hello there! I stopped by to thank you so much for featuring The Stranger in your beautiful blog. Pam, I think it's great your brother lives in AK. You've got year-round lodgings. I don't know that I could do a full winter in Alaska, but I do know that I continue to be inspired every time I visit.

Susan Coryell said...

Visited Alaska once (cruise) and was impressed not only with the beauty and grandeur of the scenery, but also with the strength of character and pioneer spirit of those who lived and worked there. What a wonderful setting for romantic adventure and conflict! Best wishes for continued success.

Elizabeth Alsobrooks said...

Nice post. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with your WW book!

Nightingale said...

I've always wanted to travel to Alaska. Your book might be my way of getting there!

Diane Burton said...

Visiting Alaska is on my bucket list. How wonderful you've been there and could use it in your book. Best wishes.

Anna del Mar said...

Thank you so much for the good wishes, everybody. I agree with Nightingale and Diane. A book is the affordable way to travel!