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Saturday, August 1, 2015

#SaturdaySpotlight: Tara Elizabeth & United!

Hello from beautiful Niblett's Bluff park in Vinton, LA

I'm a little late posting today's Saturday Spotlight and I apologize, but my computer was out of commission yesterday afternoon and this morning. Actually I forgot it :-( but my daughter brought hers out to me along with my Angel Girl and Sugar Bear.

So, it I'm happy to be able to share today's Spotlight with you....a guest who's been here before, Ms. Tara Elizabeth with United, book 3 in her Exalted trilogy! Tara has been a regular guest the last few months as she shared all of her books with us beginning with Zoo, then Exalted and Denounced

In this last chapter of the Exalted Trilogy, Mena and her friends discover the meaning of freedom and the costs to keep it. 

With Mena’s parents and friends missing, she and Ryker set out on a journey to find them and to warn the people of Toledo Lake about the imminent threat of retaliation from the First Republic. Things don’t go as planned, and Mena struggles to stay strong through all of her emotional perils. 

New friendships form. Old friendships fade. War will do that to people—even the strongest of people. 

Will Toledo Lake survive the wrath of Dr. Fredericks and his army? Will the Third Republic join in the attack? 

Strength be with you, Mena. 

Wow...sounds like an intriguing end to a thrilling trilogy! 

United can be purchased at Amazon for Kindle and in paperback

Be sure and follow Tara, because soon you'll get to read RYKER'S JOURNEY is a companion short story for the Exalted Trilogy, and was first published in Journeys: Bayou Writers Group Anthology Volume 1 in September 2014.

Tara Elizabeth is a graphic artist, wife, mother, and Red Vine lover who writes Young Adult Fiction, mostly Dystopian/Sci-Fi novels with a splash of Romance and a hint of sarcasm. Tara grew up in the Deep South surrounded by bayous, magnolia trees, crawfish and great people and, as she says.... "My culture is a huge part of my life, and you can see some of those details in my writing."

You can find out more about Tara by visiting her WebsiteFacebook Page GoodReads Page and/or connecting with her on Twitter.

Hope you enjoyed the spotlight!
See you next time.


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Susan Coryell said...

I enjoy series--especially trilogies. Best of luck with #3.

MJ Schiller said...

Sounds intriguing! I enjoyed reading about it and look forward to hearing more about your work!