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Thursday, December 25, 2014

ThursdayThoughts: Holiday Depression

Good Morning and Merry Christmas!

You might be one of the millions who are saying... "What's so good about it?" and/or "What's there to be merry about?"

Believe me I understand!

Statistics show one out of ten people will suffer depression at some point in their life. It can be as simple as a case of the blues or drastic enough to induce suicide, murder, or the attempt of either. For many, depression is a debilitating, degrading, disease; an evil spirit that roams about like a roaring lion seeking that which he may devour. It causes loss of appetite, loss of self-worth and loss of self-esteem added to feelings of anxiety and fear or just plain not giving a damn about anything or anyone in your life.

Is it any wonder the word depression begins with the same letter as death?

It is all too common to hear someone say "this situation" or "that person" is driving them crazy. Most of the time they haven’t a clue of what they’re talking about. Unless you experience depression which lasts more than a day or two, or even a week, you have no idea of what you’re saying.

I’ve experienced depression to the extreme twice before in my life. The first time resulted in the death of my marriage. The second ended with the termination of a seven-year career. Both were the direct consequence of another person imposing –forcing – their will upon mine until I couldn’t breathe or think or function. Many were the days when I’d look at a sink of dirty dishes or a load of laundry that needed washing and think, “what’s the point? Who the hell really cares anyway?”

All I wanted was for the world to stop and let me off.

Caused by a chemical imbalance, depression is a real illness, not a sign of weakness and has nothing to do with your faith! As told to me by a therapist; the brain doesn’t differentiate between physical and mental pain, it just knows you are hurting and the reaction of the body comes from the same area of the brain. There are different types and degrees of depression. It can be inherited or genetic, caused by physical stress, hormones, trauma, or "situation induced." 

Pelican Book Group/Harbourlight title Chasing Christmas deals with this debilitating illness, so I thought it appropriate to share it with you today.....

Steeped in depression, entrepreneur Teddy Whitaker hops aboard a freight train through the Ozark Mountains to escape his past and his problems.

Startled by a mysterious stranger who appears to him in a boxcar, Teddy discovers that in order to defeat the darkness and reclaim his life he must learn three lessons before Christmas morning.

If he succeeds, he will become a new man. If he fails, he will lose his life.

Yet, deep in the thick woods of Missouri stalks a certain evil; an evil determined for Teddy to fail. 

Read an excerpt of Chasing Christmas HERE.

Please remember....Many times the person who is depressed doesn’t even realize he/she is that bad off!

So, if someone you love is hurting and you don’t know what to do or are afraid of what they might do, get them to a doctor.

It is my prayer that the light of His love and the peace of Christ will forever guard your heart and mind against the powers and principalities of darkness.

Forever in His grace,
Pamela S. Thibodeaux

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