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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Special Guest Clare Revell @ClareRevell with Times Arrow & Shadows of the Past

Well here we are right smack dab in the middle of our week-long visit with Clare Revell. Today we're happy to bring to you two books by Clare...Times Arrow and it's prequel, Shadows of the Past.

Touching a milestone, Jonni Peterson is catapulted through time into a world both familiar and strange. Finding herself in Victorian England, she discovers love in the most unexpected place— at the feet of the man whose carriage knocked her down.

Lord Sebastian Tyler needs to remarry, but preferably not a woman of his mother’s choosing. The woman his carriage runs over both irritates and fascinates him.  Could she be the answer to his prayers?

Will the arrow of love find them both before time runs out and the portal to the present reopens?

Excerpt: Jonni twisted her head to the left. A young girl of no more than fifteen, wearing a rag cap over her blonde hair, got up and ran from the room. She opened her mouth to speak, but before she could say anything, a girl with dark curls started speaking again.

"My name’s ‘Attie, miss. Now don’ yer go movin’ or nothin’ til t’master’s bin an’ sent for t’doctor. Yer took a nasty bang t’noggin under them ‘orses ‘ooves an’ been asleep for nigh on t’whole day."

Jonni rubbed her head, wishing the girl wasn’t speaking in such a broad dialect. "Horses? I don’t remember any horses."

"According to my driver you all but threw yourself under them, madam. He was hard pressed to stop." The distinctly suave male voice, haughty and disapproving, came from the doorway.

Jonni twisted to look toward the voice. Her eyes widened at the vision of perfect manhood that strode over to the bed, his hands clasped behind his back. His form fitting breeches, shirt, waistcoat, and tail coat showed off his slender figure to perfection. But, why was he in fancy dress? Had she missed a costume party?

Long black hair framed his face and fathomless brown eyes stared down at her as his baritone voice rang out again. "What did you think you were doing running out into the road like that, madam? You could have been killed."

Jonni Peterson gave up everything after Time's Arrow sent her 200 years into the past. Set to finally marry Lord Sebastian Tyler, she still fights opposition from his mother.

Sebastian, 3rd Earl of Elton, has found everything he wants in a woman, in a stranger from the future. An equal, who accepts him for who he is.

The day of the wedding finally arrives, but will love conquer all or will the shadows of the past prevent the wedding taking place?

Excerpt: Countess Maud turned to her. “Miss Peterson, perhaps you could ask Cook how long dinner will be.”

“Mother,” Sebastian objected sharply.

Jonni looked at her. “I’m sorry? You want me to go and check on dinner?”

“Is there something wrong with your hearing? Do not make me repeat myself.”

Jonni took a sharp breath, inclined her head, and turned to go.

Sebastian shook his head. “No. Jonni, I forbid you to go. Jonni is not one of your servants that you can order around, Mother.”

“Until you marry her in the morning, Sebastian, a servant is exactly what she is. Miss Peterson, I gave you an order. I suggest you carry it out immediately or suffer the consequences.”

Jonni looked at Sebastian, her face flaming. “It’s fine, I know my place.” She shoved down her feelings, and dropped into a deep curtsey. “Yes, mMy lLady.”

Sebastian caught her arm, pulling her upright. “Jonni. You are not a servant.”

“I am still Alexis’s governess until morning. I should not have lost sight of that. If you will excuse me, sSir, I have duties to perform.”

“Jonni...” His eyes searched hers for a moment, then he let her go. “OK.”

Not even his use of her slang could make her smile. Jonni turned and left the room, heading for the servants’ passage. She blinked back the tears of humiliation that filled her eyes without warning. She could hear Sebastian remonstrating with his mother from the room behind her, but she didn't stop to listen. If this wedding actually went ahead, without anyone trying to stop it, it would be a miracle.

Times Arrow can be purchased at Pelican Book Group, Amazon & Barnes and Noble.

Shadow's of the Past is FREE @ Pelican Book Group!

Find out more about Clare by visiting her Website or Blog and connecting with her on Face Book and Twitter @ClareRevell.

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Times Arrow is a really neat story!