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Saturday, October 4, 2014

#SaturdaySpotlight: Kim Iverson Headlee


Sorry for the late posting of Saturday Spotlight but today I'm featuring fellow author, Kim Iverson Headlee and ALL of her books!

But first a little about Kim in her own words...

I live on a farm in southwestern Virginia with my family, cats, goats, Great Pyrenees goat guards, and assorted wildlife. People & creatures come and go, but the cave and the 250-year-old house ruins -- the latter having been occupied as recently as the mid-20th century -- seem to be sticking around for a while yet.
I am a Seattle native (when I used to live in the Metro DC area, I loved telling people I was from "the other Washington") and a direct descendent of 20th century Russian nobility. My paternal grandmother was a childhood friend of the doomed Grand Duchess Anastasia, and the romantic yet tragic story of how Lydia escaped Communist Russia with the aid of her American husband will most certainly one day fuel one of my novels. Another novel in the queue will involve my husband's ancestor, the 7th-century proto-Viking king of the Swedish colony in Russia.

For the time being, however, I have plenty of work to do in creating my projected 8-book Arthurian series, The Dragon's Dove Chronicles. I also write other romantic historical fiction under the pseudonym "Kimberly Iverson."

Now about Kim's books....

TITLE – Dawnflight, 2nd Edition 
SERIES –The Dragon's Dove Chronicles, vol. 1
AUTHOR – Kim Iverson Headlee
GENRE – Young Adult Historical Fantasy Spiritual Romance
PUBLICATION DATE – February 2013
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 415 pages/130K words
PUBLISHER – Lucky Bat Books
COVER DESIGNER – Natasha Brown

First Edition: Sonnet Books, Simon & Schuster, 1999
                                   Find out more about Dawnflight & where to purchase it here: http://kimiversonheadlee.blogspot.com/p/dawnflight.html 

TITLE – Morning's Journey 
SERIES –The Dragon's Dove Chronicles, vol.2
AUTHOR – Kim Iverson Headlee
GENRE – Young Adult Historical Fantasy Spiritual Romance
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 447 pages/140K words
PUBLISHER – Pendragon Cove Press
COVER DESIGNER – Natasha Brown

Find more about this title and where to purchase it here: http://kimiversonheadlee.blogspot.com/p/mornings-journey.html

TITLE – Snow in July
AUTHOR – Kim Iverson Headlee
GENRE – Young Adult Paranormal Historical Romance
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 386 pages/94K words
COVER DESIGNER – Natasha Brown
PUBLISHER – Pendragon Cove Press

Find out more about this title and the current blog tour here: http://kimiversonheadlee.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_6.html

TITLE – King Arthur’s Sister in Washington’s Court (KASIWC) 
AUTHOR – Kim Iverson Headlee
GENRE – Science Fiction/Fantasy Time-Travel Romance
PUBLICATION DATE – 1 November 2014 (ebook); 1 February 2015 (audiobook); 1 November 2015 (hardcover)
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 350 pages/70K words
PUBLISHER – Lucky Bat Books
COVER ARTIST – Jennifer Doneske
INTERIOR ARTISTS – Jennifer Doneske and Tom Doneske
FEATURE-LENGTH SCRIPTS – Registered trilogy: adaptation of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain, adaptation of KASIWC, and original script The Once and Future Queen; all available upon request.

Find out more about this upcoming release and the blog tour here: http://kimiversonheadlee.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_25.html

Well Friends, hope you enjoyed this spotlight!

Stay tuned next week for more Tuesday Treasure, Thursday Thoughts and of course, another Saturday Spotlight!

Until later...take care & be blessed!

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Linda McLaughlin said...

You live in a beautiful area of the country, Kim. Rural Virginia is lovely. And wow, what a genealogical heritage you and your husband can boast of. I'm impressed!