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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday Treasure: Games

Good Morning and Welcome to the FIRST edition of Tuesday Treasure for 2014!

Since I arrived back at the Silver Spur Guest Ranch and took up residence with Mrs. Mae Belle, I've gotten into the habit of playing Yatzee with her and let me tell you, this lady is a champ! It's not often she can be beat, but it's always fun.

One thing that I remember as a child were the times we'd sit around and play games. While my husband was still here, we played rummy and dominoes. Always accompanied by lots of laughter and teasing.

Memories I'll cherish forever.

When I look at family dynamics today it saddens me to see so many that hardly share dinner much less any real quality time together.

If your family seem to scatter and do their own thing, now, at the beginning of a new year, it the perfect time to start a new tradition. Get a few board games (there are even some appropriate for young children), order in (or pick up) pizza or some other indulgence, and try implementing family night (movies and popcorn work well too).

Take time to bond with each other because all too fast the kids are grown and gone off to build their own lives, or someone passes away, and all you have are memories. So create some good ones to cherish!

Something to think about....
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