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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Spotlight ~ New Releases from Pelican Book Group!

Good Morning Friends,

And a glorious day it is! Today I'll be joining a few fellow authors for a group book signing at The Son Shine Shop in Sulphur, LA - then a chat tonight on Coffee Time Romance loop and don't forget the month-long blog tour going on with The Visionary...Today's stop is Tracy Krauss's blog. Now on to our spotlight.....

2 new releases from Pelican Book Group!

This week we welcome Linda Wood Rondeau to the Pelican Book Group family. Linda brings us a suspenseful tale wrought with danger, redemption...and some quirky characters that will have you smiling through your fear. Don't miss THE OTHER SIDE OF DARKNESS.

The Other Side of Darkness
Three lives intertwined, tied together by dangerous circumstance and the faint echoes of an elusive hope. To make it through, each must find their way to the Light that’s found only on the other side of darkness.

After setting out on a forced vacation, and literally running into a moose, Manhattan Assistant D.A. Samantha Knowles finds it’s not so bad being stranded in a quirky but intriguing Adirondack town. But when her three-year prosecution against a convicted killer begins to unravel, she’s thrust into a whirlwind of haunting memories, fear, and danger...and suddenly, Haven isn’t so safe, after all.

With no future in Haven, and no way to escape the small town, teacher Zack Bordeaux fears he’s doomed to a life of mediocrity.

Haunted by the deaths of his wife and son, landscape artist Jonathan Gladstone feels bound to an estate he both loves and loathes.

When Zack and Jonathon meet Samantha, their lives take on a different course.

This week, also, Mary Manners brings us another tale from the Sweet Treats Bakery Series--a reader favourite. One bakery, four sisters, four romances! Don't miss this third installment.

Tessa's Teacakes
Tessa, the youngest Spencer sister--and the most impulsive--rushes into the Mount Ridge crisis center bent on saving her brother-in-law. She's ready to handle Brent's abductor, with or without help. What she's not ready to handle is the effect policeman, Colin Phillips, has on her. Romance is the last thing on Tessa's mind. She longs for the adventure and fast-pace of New York City, not being tied to Mount Ridge and a man who insists she shouldn't be so impetuous. After all "independent spirit" is what Tessa does best!

Colin transferred from the police force in Atlanta in order to find closure after the brutal murder of his younger sister. He wants a nice, safe future, not one filled with caring and worrying about another impulsive woman. His sister was naïve and unpredictable, and while Colin is drawn to Tessa's spunk and vitality, her willingness to rush into danger scares him. No way could he cope with another devastating loss. His heart must remain closed where Tessa is concerned. But God has His own plans...and His own way of changing hearts and cultivating love.

Other books in the series include:
Kate's Kisses
Grace's Gold

Well friends, that wraps up another week. Stop by often and don't forget, Every Time you leave a comment along the blog tour, your name is entered in the drawing to win an autographed copy of The Visionary!

Until later....take care, God Bless and remember...God's vision for your life far exceeds yours so - look up!


Donna B said...

Sounds like 2 great stories! I already know The Other Side of Darkness was a great read. I'll be posting a review on that one soon. And of course I know I'm going to love Tessa's Teacakes - those sweet treats have all been great!

Linda said...

Thanks Pam...nice job