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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Virtual Book Blast Guest - Roy McConnell

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Today's VBB guest is Roy McConnell and his book, Mind Walker brought to you by Premium Promotional Services.
About Roy McConnell

Roy McConnell is multi-published in short & novel length fiction *Thrillers That GRIP You To The End!* MIND WALKER, released September of 2009 is a suspense/thriller loaded with action, romance, and even a twist of sci-fi. McConnell was selected as a Rising Star author on the Barnes and Noble website. Mind Walker has been in the top twenty novels of the Rising Star series since publication.

About “Mind Walker”

For more than four hundred years, the males of the Ostermann family have unleashed their secret power on the world, destroying lives and amassing great fortunes. But five centuries prior, the first woman to inherit the identical gene as the males foretold that another female would be born with the same power. It was she who would stand against the madness of the Ostermann reign. No one knew when she would come…until now.

In present-day British Columbia, Wolf Ostermann rules his exotic estate with an iron fist. Ostermann has no son to continue his family legacy, so if he and his family are to maintain their economic grip on the world, Wolf must indoctrinate his reluctant daughter, Tara. Unfortunately for Wolf, Tara will have nothing to do with him anymore, and that doesn’t bode well for the tyrannical megalomaniac.

Now on the run, Tara and ex-CIA operative Chris Landry must battle for their lives as they ultimately realize the tenacious reach of her father’s powerful mind-and the evil it unleashes on all of humanity.

Bursting with raw emotion, Mind Walker combines action and suspense in a nonstop ride from the landscapes of British Columbia to the Caribbean Islands, and ends in a chilling climax in New York City.

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen Interviews Roy McConnell
1.) How long have you been writing?

I have been writing since I was twelve years old. A school friend of mind started me writing poetry. Him and I used to compete with our poetry. At the time it seemed like we were writing some brilliant stuff.

2.) What motivated you to write this electrifying thriller, “Mind Walker”?

About eight years ago I began to realize how much satisfaction I derived from writing. I thought I wanted to develop my writing further and joined a writers group and started taking workshops. It was in a workshop with a published author, who turned out to be my mentor for over a year, that I got the idea to write a book. Music had always been my inspiration for writing, so one night listening to Pink Floyd I got the first insights into Mind Walker.

3.) Who would enjoy reading “Mind Walker”?

I continue to ask myself this question. It seems that Mind Walker has a very broad audience appeal. Men and Women from ages 16 to 80 have read and enjoyed the book.

Even many who don’t normally read thrillers have told me they enjoyed it.

Mind Walker has a bit of everything. I guess that is why it has such broad appeal.

I was listening to one of Steve Berry’s podcasts the other day and I believe Mind Walker as something he describes as the wow or oooohhhh factor. When I describe the book to people I get the wow response.

4.) What’s next for Author Roy McConnell?

I am working on a sequel for Mind Walker and so far I am getting very positive feedback from my writers group on its development. I also have a third book in the works based on a character from Mind Walker.

5.) Where can viewers/followers/friends/fans interact with you?

On Facebook, GoodReads, email me from my website, Twitter, or Linkedin.

Facebook – http://bit.ly/bnYmjz

Goodreads – http://bit.ly/a3y1cN

Website – http://bit.ly/cmk7jR

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/rjmc100

Linkedin- http://bit.ly/91shFR

6.) Would you like to add any closing thoughts today?

I always find it amazing, when I sit down to write and I think the story is going to go a certain direction, but when the thoughts and ideas start flowing freely they often form themselves much differently than I had planned.

Well Friends, hope you enjoyed this VBB brought to you by PPS!

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