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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Jo Ann Carter

Hello Friends and Welcome to the First Edition of Saturday Spotlight in this new year!

Today's guest is Jo Ann Carter with her book, Teacher's Plans.                                                                 

JoAnn Carter lives in Vermont with her wonderful husband of 17 years, four children and Ginger, the best dog in the world. She enjoys being with her family & friends, writing, reading, and cooking.  In the past JoAnn has worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse, and as a substitute teacher. This year however, she is at home, to home school one of her children.

JoAnn is available for speaking engagements to book clubs, reader groups, library groups, women's ministry events, school events and church retreats. To contact her, please write jo.glenncarter@yahoo.com

When Amanda Manning, an exhausted, short-handed special education teacher, is given an assistant, things don't turn out as she planned. Her new assistant is anything but what Amanda expected—most strikingly, a male. Tracy Atkins secured a job as a teacher's assistant, but will he be able to secure the hand of the woman he is falling in love with? Especially when she finds out about the secret he is hiding? Come join their adventure as both Amanda and Tracy learn that God's plans are far better than their own. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Excerpt:(c) 2008 by: JoAnn Carter
Amanda reached out to shake his hand when his words hit her full force. She withdrew her hand like she just touched fire and squeaked, "You’re who?"
"I’m your new assistant. The principal said to meet you here."

Silence engulfed the room.

Tracy shifted his weight to one hip looking slightly uncomfortable for the first time. "He said you would be expecting me."

Amanda tried to cover up her shock. "Um, right… it’s just…" You’re a man--and not just any man--a drop dead gorgeous one! She felt like she was drowning with no way out. She grabbed at straws for anything to say; she needed time to gather her wits. "Were you by any chance at an interview in the Board of Education building on June 13th?"

Well Friends, hope you enjoy this edition of Saturday Spotlight - stay tuned each week for another great author and book!

Until later....take care, Be Blessed and remember....man plans his way but God directs his steps (if we let him)


JoAnn said...

Thanks for spotlighting, TEACHER'S PLANS, Pamela!

Silver James said...

JoAnn, what an interesting twist--a drop-dead gorgeous man as a special ed teaching assistant? Teaching I could understand but assistant? I'm very curious about his secret now.

Cindy K. Green said...

Hi JoAnn! I really enjoyed Teacher's Plans. Great twist at the end. Being a teacher myself, I really connected with these characters.

JoAnn said...

Thanks for your comments Silver & Cindy. The twist kind of just fell into my lap one day while I was thinking about the story. :)

Mary Ricksen said...

Sounds like she's not gonna mind so much after all.

Debra St. John said...

Hi Pamela and JoAnn: Nice interview ladies. I am very intrigued by Tracy's secret!

JoAnn said...

Yahoo! Barnes & Noble is having a sale. You can pick up a copy of Teacher's Plans for 20% off. Here's the link:


Donna B said...

Sounds great JoAnn. Sweet! A hunk for an assistant, huh? Sounds a bit distracting...LOL

Tanya Hanson said...

Hi Joanne, Oh I love twists. Sounds like a TBR! Best wishes for many more terrific books.

Oh, we visited Vermont not long ago. I totally loved it. Keep warm, though. We went in fall and that was chilly enough for us Californians.


JoAnn said...

Tanya & Donna,

Thanks for leaving a post! Yup, it's pretty cold here in Vermont this morning. There's ice build-up on the storm windows. :)

I'll be thinking of sunny CA today.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi JoAnn.
Teacher's Plans sounds a wonderful read.I wish my male teachers had been drop-dead gorgeous, fat and bald, most of them. Good luck with it.