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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Spotlight - Ilona Fridl!

Hello Again!

Today's guest is Ilona Fridl with her brand new release, Silver Screen Heroes!

Ilona Fridl was born in West Hollywood, California, where she developed an interest in the movie industry. 'Silver Screen Heroes' came to be from her love of silent movies. When she was in her twenties, she moved to Wisconsin where she lives now. She always had a love of writing, but a hatred of typewriters, so she started writing when she got her first computer. She sold short stories to magazines, but always dreamed of selling a novel. She credits her family and friends as her biggest cheerleaders. Visit Ilona @ her website.

What happens when a motion picture studio in 1920 is taken over by a crime family? Addy and Zeke, a stunt double and a director's assistant, work with the police to bring the gangsters to justice. But Addy's cousin has married into the crime family. When Addy is given a key to bring down the family and the studio, will she use it?

They carefully made their way to the double doors of the warehouse and found them unlocked. The building was cavernous in its darkness. The light from the office area seemed farther away than it did in the daytime, but they could hear a lot of noise coming from that end of the building, like things were being thrown around, and angry voices yelling. Addy couldn’t make out what was being said.

Suddenly they heard what sounded like a gunshot.

Zeke pushed Addy down behind a crate and leaned toward her to whisper, “Stay there! I’m going to call the police.” He slipped over to the shipping clerk’s desk and jiggled the cradle on the tall thin telephone before he held the receiver to his ear and spoke in a low voice. “Operator, get me the police.” After a pause, he continued, “This is Zeke Shafer. There is some sort of disturbance at the shipping department here at Majestic Motion Pictures. It sounded like a gun was fired in the office area. Hurry.”

There were sounds of running from the far end of the warehouse. “I heard a voice over there,” a man called out. Another shot rang out, closer this time, and Zeke dove under the desk.

“It ain’t here, let’s go,” said a voice, gruffer than the other. “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay down until we’re gone,” he called toward the clerk’s desk where Zeke hid. Addy tried to get a look at them as they left by way of the dock door, but it was too dark.

“Zeke, I’m going to check on Mr. Leman!”

“Addy! Come back! Those guys might still be around.” Zeke glanced around the warehouse. “I’m coming with you. The police should be here soon.”

She gasped as she entered the office. It was strewn with the contents of all the drawers, cabinets and shelves. To her horror, she found Mr. Leman on the floor, a bloody pool growing beneath him. He moaned and both young people dropped down beside him, and at the same moment they heard several automobiles stop outside.

Zeke jumped up. “That must be the police! I’ll go get them.”

Silver Screen Heroes is available NOW! from The Wild Rose Press.

Okay folks, you've met two brand new authors here this week. Hope you've had as much fun as I!

Join me next week for another edition of Saturday Spotlight.

Until then....take care and may God Bless and keep you -and yours - in the palm of His mighty hand!

Pamela S Thibodeaux
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Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Ilona,
Ah, you are a Vintage Rose gal like me. Great excerpt. I love stories set in the early 20th century.
Congratulations and good luck.


Kathye Quick said...

very interesting excerpt. I love stories set in this time period.

The cover isso beautiful

Sharon Donovan said...

Hi Ilona. Nice to meet you. Your story sounds like something I'd really enjoy. Very enticing excerpt. Loads of luck.

Sharon Donovan

Ilona Fridl said...

Yes, I love stories from the 20th century. I read your book, Shattered Dreams, and loved it. Thank you for you wishes!

Rae Monet designed the cover and she did my website as well. Thank you for stopping by.

Nice to meet you, too! Thank you for your good wishes.

Christie Craig said...

Great exerpt.

Congrats on your first release.


Donna Marie Rogers said...

Great excerpt, Ilona! I wish you many, many sales! :-)

Mary Ricksen said...

What an exciting excerpt!
I wish you the best of luck with sales on your new release!
Cool book jacket.

Ilona Fridl said...

Thanks for your congrats and for stopping by. WisRWA members are a great support group!

Thanks for your wishes. I hope your book sells well, too!

Thank you for your comments. Rae Monet does beautiful covers.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Ilona,
We not only have being Vintage Authors in common, Rae Monet did the cover for Shattered Dreams, too. Thank you for buying it and I am glad you enjoyed the story. Rae also designed my website. We must just about be soul-mates. You are on my TBR list. Because we are such a small group, I always try to buy the Vintage books. Looking forward to reading yours.

Ilona Fridl said...

Thanks again! We Vintage writers have to stick together!

For you, Pam,
Thank you for the opportunity to show my book and tell something about myself. This has been a great experience.