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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Spotlight - MaAnna Stephenson

Wow have I got a treat for you with this week's Saturday Spotlight!

MaAnna Stephensen is the Author of The Sage Age – Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom.

Bio: While currently known as a visionary thinker and new author, MaAnna Stephenson is a true Renaissance woman. From an early age she was exposed to a myriad of influences including her father's engineering and artistic endeavors, her maternal line of intuitives, and an intrinsic fascination with sound and music. Born in the small town of Humboldt, Tennessee, MaAnna began her journey as the youngest of three children with a huge age gap between her siblings and herself. Constant inclusion in the world of adults led to an early maturity and perhaps a different view of the world than most children experience – especially with the special gifts of the adults in her family. None of it was lost on young MaAnna. "My mother was also an intuitive, aswere all the women in my immediate family. Having psychic senses was quite normal and the information derived from these methods was respected and adhered to. I became accustomed quite early to the fact that there were things - forces and powers - which could not be measured with a ruler but were just as real as anything I could see or touch."

Sage Age Summary: Combining the knowledge of physics with intuitive practice is no small task. The two disciplines often use the same words to mean entirely different things. Written for the seeker with more than a casual interest, The Sage Age – Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom demystifies complex ideas with intelligent analogies and examples designed to appeal to both the scientist and the natural intuitive.Four years in the writing, this expansive new work combines knowledge from the physical sciences and the intuitive arts to present a visionary perspective that harmonizes these diverse disciplines into one body of knowledge.With a well-researched approach to its subjects, The Sage Age covers a broad range of material from ancient to modern thought, frontier science and current intuitive practice to deliver a depth and breadth of understanding that culminates in a holistic perspective for our time.Living up to its mantra of "new models for new thought," The Sage Age is certain to be a catalyst for dialogue and is destined to be a major work in its field.
Wow, isn't it wonderful to finally see more emphasis on the value of Scientific and Spiritual?
I think so and it's long overdue.
Hope you've enjoyed this week's Saturday Spotlight, join me next week when I host author Mary Connealy and her book Calico Canyon!
Until then take care, God Bless and remember....balance your life between the practical and the spiritual and you'll have much success!
"Inspirational with and Edge!" (TM)

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MaAnna Stephenson said...

Thanks for hosting The Sage Age on your blog today. I'll be available to respond to your readers comments and questions