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Friday, September 5, 2008

Whose Mind?

The more I read The Secret and study some of the teachers featured in the documentary, I’ve noticed that many of them are Quantum Physicists.

One theory Quantum Physicists adhere to is that you can’t have a universe without mind entering to it. Hence, how our thoughts create the world in which we live.

Now, the Bible talks a lot about positive confession and how a man is the product of what he thinks, so there is no doubt that thoughts and attitudes can shape the world in which we live.

But I have a question….if its true that you can’t have a universe without mind entering into it, whose mind created the universe?

If the universe we live in was “created” through thought, whose thought?

Personally this is where my belief in God comes in. This goes back to Genesis and the beginning and how the earth and everything in it was created when God spoke (but He had to think before He could speak, right?).

Just a thought.

On another note: Next week I'll be spotlighting author Victoria Pitts-Caine and her book Alvarado Gold so drop back by!


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