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Thursday, August 17, 2017

#ThursdayThoughts Respecting our Land

Good Morning!

If you followed my west coast vacation, you know we covered a lot of ground. We traveled through 14 states and visited 15 National Parks, 1 Historical National Park and a pretty famous lake.

In each area, there are numerous signs asking for help in preserving the land and protecting the wildlife as well as plants native to the land.

Signs requested 'no pets on trails' or if pets were allowed, there were stations that contained plastic bags to pick up their poop. Other requests included not walking on certain areas because the park officials were trying to regrow native grass and plants.

I even saw a place that had boot brushes for us to wipe off our shoes so that invasive species couldn't take root.

What broke my heart on more than one occasion is how many people blatantly disregarded these signs.

If we want to leave an inheritance for our children's children, we need to do our part in respecting our land and the rules in place to protect it.

Something to think about!
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1 comment:

Patricia Stoltey said...

Goodness, how unfortunate the country has so many folks that don't have any respect for anything or anybody. They're the ones who also walk their dogs in neighborhoods but don't pick up their dog's poop from folks' yards.