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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday Treasure: Simple Things

Happy Tuesday Morning and I pray it is a Blessed one for you out there!

A couple of songs have been running through my head this morning.... the Christmas jingle about "my favorite things" and the tune sung by Kenny Chesney about the simple things in life.  This brought to mind a question....

How often do we really appreciate the simple gifts we are blessed with on any given day?

The more I study and experience living in alignment with God/Jesus/Holy Spirit/Angels & Saints, the more I'm beginning to realize the necessity of gratitude for the simplest things.

Like sunrise splashing color across the sky & weeping its tint onto the hills.

After all, gratitude (thanksgiving) is one of the most basic courtesies. 

All of the spiritual leaders I study tout the value of gratitude for everything in life, even (especially) the simplest. So as you go about your day today, think of all the treasures in your life....and send up prayers of gratitude and thanksgiving for each and every one of them....then, do the same for the dreams in your heart.

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