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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

No Wonder They Call HIM the Savior

Good Morning Friends!

Well as you can tell by the side bar, I've updated my blog and am implementing a new blogging schedule.

Today's "Tuesday's Treasure" is No Wonder they call HIM the Savior by Max Lucado.

The book is a study on the Cross and those present (and missing) at the cross on that fateful day when Christ was sacrificed and I can not begin to tell you how powerful it is in reflecting the love of our Lord and the Cross of Calvary. I've read it before and would encourage you to read it - especially during the Lenten season as it is such a beautiful testimony to the Grace of our Lord!

There are chapters that make you smile (yes smile), chapters that make you cry, chapters that make you reflect on your own faith and chapters that RIP your heart out. 

This man has a unique way of expressing the Grace of God through Jesus Christ and I feel EVERY believer (regardless of your denomination) will benefit from reading this book.

How did I benefit?  I have a deeper appreciation for Christ's sacrifice and knowing He did it for ME.  We all presume that we wouldn't desert Him in His darkest hour.  But, would we?  How many times do we desert or reject Him today?

Several years ago, as a new Christian, I was meditating on the Scripture "if you deny Me before men, I will deny you before My Father" (Matthew 10:32).  I prayed that I would never deny Christ.  As I mentioned, I was a new Christian and not very bold in my faith outside of church.  I was also new at listening to Christian radio.  (I was--and still am--a country music fan)  Anyway, I would always turn the radio off of the Christian station when I got out of the car because I knew no one else in my family liked the music.  Well, immediately after praying that I would not deny Jesus this occurred and God spoke very plainly to me:  "Why do you turn the station?  Isn't that a way of denying Me?  If they don't like the music, let them change the station."

Talk about an eye opener! 

Now, some of you may think that I'm exaggerating a bit, but I'm not.  

I believe we would all benefit by praying for God to reveal to us the seemingly "little" ways we reject Him in our daily life.  It will greatly aide us in becoming stronger, bolder Christians.  There are many things we say and do that we may not even realize are hurtful to Jesus.  And, anytime you hurt Him, you reject Him.

If you have read any of my articles, essays, and posts, you know I don't write to condemn but to inspire. We all fall from grace.  We all make mistakes.  We all reject Christ (yes, I still do, too).  But isn't that what Grace is all about?  If we never fell, we wouldn't need the healing power of God's mercy. 

I love Christ with all my heart and I pray daily that I not fail Him in any way.  When I do, I pray (and try to listen) when the Holy Spirit convicts me.  Sometimes its little things that matter but the Bible says: "It's the little foxes that spoil the vine."

May we ALL open our hearts and minds to Christ's teachings and not be so quick to defend our actions when we are convicted.  Yes, many others who claim to be Christians are just as bad (or worse) than we.  Yes, the world is hard to live in.  Yes, it's VERY hard to live what we believe.  Christ never said it would be easy.  He did say, however, that we would not be alone.

Be encouraged and blessed this day in Jesus' name!


Delia Latham said...

Great post, Pamela! We have to so careful not to deny Christ, and as you demonstrated, it is one of those things we sometimes do all too knowingly. Lord, help us be more aware!

Ahhh, Max Lucado! One cannot go wrong with any book by this amazing, anointed writer. I'd like to ask, as did Elisha, that a portion of His gift fall on me. :)

Delia Latham said...

Oops...I sure meant to say we deny Christ all too "UNknowingly," in the comment above. My bad!

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Thanks Delia - I agree!

But you know what, a portion of Max's gift has already fallen on you!

God Bless.