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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - M. Flagg

Good Morning Friends,

Well things are busy, busy here at the Silver Spur Guest Ranch and with the Celebrate Bandera festival underway, I'm having a blast!

Today our spotlight is on M. Flagg with her book, Consequences.

Passion sharpens one’s creative edge and fractured life-events change everyone. Believe me, I’ve had my share. So I sat down and wrote a book. Born and raised in northern New Jersey, my first nineteen years of life were spent in my father’s florist shop. This makes me an original flower-child before the 1960s began! When Mom purchased a piano for my sister, my destiny was revealed.

After earning a BA in Music Education, love for learning led me to RADA in London to study acting. I have an MA in teaching, Supervisor Certification, and an M. Ed. in Educational Leadership. Although tempted, the doctorate is on hold at the moment. In 2009, I received the title of Distinguished Music Educator at the Yale University Music Symposium.

During intense coursework for the second masters, I wrote many journals and educational essays. This led to being a contributing author in a book about music education in urban schools. And when my life changed again, I took a trip into the paranormal to pen Retribution! Consequences followed shortly thereafter, and Inheritance is now under contract. My children, Richard and Kara, my sister, Linda, and supportive friends continue to encourage the dramatic story teller within me.

Consequences: The Champion Chronicles: Book Two by M. Flagg

Every action has a consequence. And some are harder to face than others. A mystically enhanced vampire survives the wrath of three evil sorcerers. Rescued by Alana Ciminio, a Guardian of Souls, as well as many members of the Georgian Circle, Michael Malone is taken to Portofino for an unprecedented healing. When brought to consciousness, nothing in Michael’s undead life is familiar. Unwilling to face what he’s done, he doggedly rails against every essential truth until he is forced to accept his actions. His dream of survival had revealed every deep desire. As the most difficult part of this journey begins, he realizes his destiny is with Alana and his troubled mortal son. Salvation lies in their unconditional love. And Michael’s road to redemption will lead to a destination never thought possible—by him or anyone else.
The faintest utterance of “Michael, my love—” sounded less than a breath away.

At once, he met her gaze, the most alluring woman in the world. Without a doubt, he knew he loved her. Through sad streams of tears she stared, and then, steady, determined, she crawled across the soft mattress and came to him. He welcomed the delicate arms that held him to her warm breast with tenderness. Her touch promised more than comfort, and unexpected tears spilled from his eyes.

Who is she? Does she love me, and I love her?

Puzzling images exploded in his brain. None made sense. Gentle kisses graced his hair, her surging heartbeat pounded against his ear. He had to look, to drink in her beauty and affection. Soft hands held his face as he gazed into large, hazel eyes full of worry. And in that instant, their souls were lost in silent reverie. For her, he had immeasurable need.

Boldly, she kissed his parched lips, his bruised eyelids as if consumed with gratitude that he had awakened. An elderly woman placed a caring hand on her shoulder.

She looked away for a brief moment before whispering, “Thank God you know my touch. No one’s going to hurt you.”

Her hushed voice consumed him, and she seemed unwilling to let him go.

“Why does your presence ease me? I swear this: I know your soul to be joined to mine. But I know not your name.”

“Alana. My name’s Alana.”

“Ah-la-nah.” Each soft vowel a gentle sigh… Passionate desires sparked within. “Are you my Guardian Angel, sent to rescue me from this madness?”

The beautiful woman’s almond-shaped eyes filled again.

“Something like that. Please, Michael. Rest. You’re safe.”

She let go, and gently, his back met soft pillows. A petite woman with short auburn hair approached. Dressed as oddly as his lady, she gave a sweet smile and took Alana’s hand. He studied the elderly woman as well as the Sisters standing around the bed. Memorizing every facet of the woman he knew he loved, she now sat in the far corner of this mysterious room.

Consequences is available now from The Wild Rose Press!
Find out more about M. Flagg and her writing by visiting her website: http://mflagg-author.com/

Well friends, hope you enjoy this spotlight. Stay tuned weekly for more great authors and their books!

IMW...take care & be blessed.


M.Flagg said...

I'm happy to be here today, Pam. Consequences is the book of my heart and I'm thrilled about it's recent release. It's a sensual paranormal, spicy but mild. Above all, it's a story of redemption. Thanks for having me at your lovely blog ~ Mickey

P.L. Parker said...

Good morning ladies - the blurb sounds great. I love paranormals.

Caroline Clemmons said...

Great excerpt. I'm so glad you are promoting the idea that each action has consequences. That's a favorite soapbox of mine--at least, it's one of them. LOL

Tanya Hanson said...

The blurb is fantastic, M. And so is your life story. The theme of consequences is so timely and universal.

And Pam, have fun in Bandera. Sigh.

Melina said...


Consequences sounds wonderful. I can't wait to read it.

Melina Morel

M.Flagg said...

Hi P.L.
Paranormals are my favorite also. I try to write 'normal' - but then suddenly something or someone paranormal pops onto the page! I think it's a sign :)
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Mickey

M.Flagg said...

I'm glad you like the excerpt, Caroline. Redemption as well as facing consequences of his actions are themes that run through the trilogy, beginning with Retribution! All three books have a large cast of characters, many of them facing a fork in the road - so to speak. Of course, there's an HEA, but only after quite a bit of soul-searching.
Thanks for leaving a comment! ~ Mickey

M.Flagg said...

Hi Tanya. Thanks for stopping by. I wrote to heal and then was twice blessed with two contracts from TWRP. My editor with the Black Rose line is Callie Lynn, who was (and still is) totally wonderful with me. I'm again blessed to be working on book three with her. Inheritance ends Michael's story - at least I think it's the end - who knows??? ~ Mickey

M.Flagg said...

Hi Melina! Have you fixed all those computer glitches? What a nightmare, right? I'm so glad you stopped by - I was getting worried there :)
~ Mickey

M.Flagg said...

Hi Pam. Thanks for having me at your blog. It was a real pleasure, and I hope you'll have me back when Inheritance is released.

Have a great Sunday!
Mickey Flagg