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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nick and Noelle by Kara Lynn Russel!

Today's holiday read is Nick and Noelle by Kara Lynn Russell.

Kara at a Glance: Married to a guy who puts the happy in my ever after. • Mother of four (and still mostly sane) • Live in a small Wisconsin town in the heart of dairy country. • Currently work at the local public library. I got into library work by hanging around until they decided to put me to work. • I love reading genre books: romance, fantasy, and mysteries. I have a special fondness for those with a Christian slant. • I write romance and children's stories • I love making lists • Best motivation to write: Avoiding housework!

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“What I want,” the pastor stated “is for you two to learn how to get along. Separately you both have much to offer the church. Together – you’re a disaster waiting to happen.”

Nick and Noelle have been in competition against each other from their Christmas day births to their present adulthood. After their rivalry causes chaos at a youth group event, Pastor Thorn assigns Nick and Noelle the task of decorating the church for Christmas. Can Nick and Noelle cooperate? Will they end up killing each other – or maybe kissing each other?

Nick and Noelle can be purchased now from White Rose Publishing in Ebook and Print!

Well Friends, that wraps up the Christmas romances, stay tuned Saturday for a New Year's romance!

Until then....take care and be Blessed!


Nicola said...

This is such a cute story!

JoAnn said...

That was a fun quick tour about Kara and NICK AND NOELLE! I haven't had the chance to read it yet, but it sounds great.

I just finished FINDING JOY, another holiday romance by Ms. Russel. If anyone is still looking around for great Christmas stories, it's a winner. :)


Kara Lynn Russell said...

Thanks Nicola and JoAnn. And thanks Pam for featuring Nick and Noelle. It's not a new release, but I admit to a special fondness for the story.

Happy New Year everyone!