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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Romance - A Cowboy's Dream by Anna K Lanier

Today is Bayou Writers' Group's Christmas party so I'm off and running! But before I head out, I want to share with you another holiday romance. But first, a little about the author....

Anna Kathryn lives in Texas with her husband and three cats. She wrote her first stories in high school, and a few romances in her early twenties, but then put the writing bug to bed for a while as she raised her two daughters. In 2001 she got the bit by the bug again and started writing, two novels in six months. Needless to say, they are very unpublishable, but they were finished and gave her the kick in the butt she needed. Over the next few years she wrote another novel and started in on short stories. She now has seven shorts published, including The Wild Rose Press best seller A COWBOY'S DREAM.
Learn more about Anna Kathryn at her website, www.aklanier.com. She keeps fairly active on her blog, too www.annakathrynlanier.blogspot.com, where she hosts other authors, posts recipes and gives a history lesson each week.

Author Leah Smith has fantasized about her neighbor, Houston’s pro baseball player Marcus Slade, for years, but thinks it’s unlikely she’d catch the cowboy’s interest since her IQ is bigger than her bra size. Having already been hurt by a man who wanted size over substance, she’s not in a hurry to play in that ball field again.

When an unexpected opportunity gets Marcus inside his favorite author’s apartment, he’s not about to let a second chance at love pass him by. Their attraction is quick and electric and has him instantly thinking about something more long-term. But when a woman from his past intrudes, his hopes of a cozy Christmas with Leah are buried beneath her cold shoulder. Risking a strikeout, Marcus has one chance left...go for the grand slam of his life and crash Leah's annual Christmas Eve party in hopes of convincing her she’s this Cowboy’s Dream.

Excerpt: The mouthwatering scents of seared steak wafted around Leah as Marcus escorted her into the world famous Kemah Boardwalk Steak House. Her stomach grumbled, a reminder she hadnt eaten since early morning.

The hostess greeted Marcus by name and smiled warmly at her. Leah glanced at him, wondering how often he came to the restaurant. Celebration dinners should be rare, not weeklyunless you found an excuse to celebrate every little thing. But what made them special then?

She slid into the booth and mentally shook her head. No matter what Marcus did in the past, this was her celebratory dinner. She smiled as he sat opposite her and determined to enjoy his company for as long as she had it..

The hostess handed them menus. Would you like something from the bar, Mr. Slade?

Marcus placed his Stetson beside him on the booth cushion and raised a brow at her.

Whatever they have on tap will be fine,” she said.

He grinned and nodded. “Two beers, please.”

Glancing at his ‘celebration clothing,” she was glad she’d summed him up right. She’d nearly put on the $900 designer gown she planned to wear to next month’s charity fund raiser and made her look hot as hell, but at the last minute went over what she knew about pro ball player Marcus Slade. Celebrity though he may be, he was obviously still a cowboy at heart. Instead of the silk and satin confection, she pulled on blue jeans and simple blouse . She matched his jeans and western-styled shirt quite well.

Leah opened the menu and looked it over. “You’re a man after my own heart. There’s nothing better to celebrate with than a beer and a good steak.”

He jerked back as if surprised. “You mean to say you’ll actually order a steak?”

Well, of course.” She laughed, brushing her hair behind her ear. “What’s the point of going to a steak house and not ordering a steak?”

He opened his mouth, but then shut it for a moment before uttering, “Truth be told, most of the women I know don’t eat much meat.”

That was no surprise. Most of the women shed seen him with were the size of twigsexcept in the bosom areaand probably ate weeds.

Well, I hope you brought along your charge card, because I haven’t eaten much today and I’m starving. I plan to get a really big steak with all the fixings to celebrate.”

Marcus laughed. “Honey, the day I can’t afford to buy a pretty lady a steak is the day I’ll hang it up for good.”

Her heart fluttered at the endearment. Sure, it was common enough for Texans to drop honey and darling like hello and good-bye, but still, hearing it from Marcus made her insides quiver.

He wagged his brows, then glanced down to study his menu. She released a small sigh. Since she was a Roughrider’s fan and had held season tickets for year, she’d known who Marcus was before he moved into The Towers. To say she had a crush on him was probably an understatement, but she’d never suffered from delusions, either. Leah Smith, plain, average daughter of nomad archeologists just wasn’t the type of woman the major league outfielder dated. As much as she wished she differently, she shouldn’t read more into this ‘date’ than what it was—a friendly, celebratory meal.

Sounds like another great romance to relax with between shopping trips. Join me again next week for more!

Until later....take care, Be Blessed and remember....Every day is a gift from God - that's why it is called the present - so enjoy each new day you're given!


Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Good morning, Pamela. I've recovered from the wonderful, surprise snow Houston got hit with yesterday and, like you, am off to the Northwest Houston RWA's holiday party. I think the roads are no longer icy, so I can make the drive.

I really love A Cowboy's Dream. It was actually the first story I had published, then called Happily Ever After. It was a 5,000-word short in a local anthology. I tweaked it, added to it, and made Marcus a cowboy as well as pro ball player to fit into the Yellow Rose Line at TWRP.

And I learned this week that A Cowboy's Dream is part of a special bundle for sale at TWRP...you get 6 romances at a 33% discount from buying them each separate. Check it out here: http://www.thewildrosepress.com/holiday-miniature-bundle-p-3730.html?zenid=a34fca66f0e814268f837f811ddb3703.

Happy Holidays!

P.L. Parker said...

Good Morning. Snow here this morning as well. Good luck with sales.

Kathy Otten said...

Good morning Anna,

Looks like a cute Christmas story. I like your new title for this story much better. Cowboy is a nice hook. No snow for us here today, but we were hit over the weekend. Good luck with your sales. :)

Linda Swift said...

I enjoyed your excerpt, Anna. The book sounds like a very good read. Good luck with your writing career.

Donna B said...

Sounds great! I love a good cowboy story!

I already bought the bundle - can't wait to read it!

camilynn said...


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