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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Author Meeting Place

Hey Friends,

You know I try to bring to your attention new places where authors and readers connect ~ well today I'd like to introduce to you a new place from an old friend, Anastasia Cassella-Young.

I'll let her tell you what she's up to now...... Hi! This is Anastasia Cassella-Young. I hope that you remember our previous relationship regarding free advertising on an old site that was discontinued. I have started my own site and am writing to let you know that the new site, authormeetingplace.com, is geared toward authors only and is FREE. It is a great place to meet and greet authors in your state/country. Our motto is “Where authors converge!”

Authormeetingplace.com offers “free advertising” for your book(s). You and your book(s) will be listed under your state/country and then on a sub-page of your own. Remember this is free. There are no hidden sales pitches slapping you in the face when you enter the site. Just go to the book submissions page and fill out the form at the link provided for each book you have. There are no limits to the number of submissions from each author. It’s that easy and will remain that easy.

We offer an avenue for you to meet, greet and contact other authors in your area so that you may share advertising events, book signings and oth er things in your specific area to help each other market and sell your books.

The site also offers you a chance to enter an “Author of the Month Contest” and a “Book Cover of the Month Contest”. The Book Cover of the Month Contest has a link where your friends, family and other authors can vote on the covers that are selected randomly each month.

We offer you a chance to blog on the site under the subject of author related materials. We will offer a blog on author related materials and give you a chance to comment and offer references or suggestions. You may also fill out an entry for a blog and after approval it will be submitted to the blog for comments.

You may ask why I do this. I enjoy working with authors and giving them a free avenue of advertising as I well know the woes of getting good advertising at a fair price. Some people offer free advertising but only if you have an ISBN and you get a very basic form of advertising and even better advertising if you purchase a package. This is not the case here. Free is free!

I do have a marketing package already in place. Take a look and see what you like. I again state I am always open to suggestions to better the site for the authors.

Please check out authormeetingplace.com for your advertising needs. You can’t beat the price!

Use this link to submit your book and then send JPG with it re-titled to reflect the title of your book http://www.authormeetingplace.com/booksubmissions.html

Take care and be well.

Author Anastasia Cassella-Young
Owner - Authormeetingplace.com

You'll find Author Meeting Place in my sidebar under "Areas of Interest" and in "Other Places"

Until later.... Be Blessed!


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