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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

T-Shirt Promotion?

Hi Folks!

We all know that promotion is a HUGE part of an author’s career. Well, how’s this for a promotion tactic?

I had a T-shirt made and on the front it says:
Do You Like to Read? followed by:
Ask Me About My Books!

On the back is my name, tagline, the cover of all of my titles, website and blog address.

I also made mini-flyers to carry with me. The front had: Romantic Novels by Pamela S Thibodeaux Available Now in a bookstore near you or Online @ Amazon.com!
Beneath this I put the cover of each novel, its ISBN# and my tagline.

On the back it said: Romantic Short Stories by Pamela S Thibodeaux
Available Now @ TheWildRosePress.com
with a picture of each cover and the title beneath it.

I realized after I’d trimmed them out that I forgot to put my website on the flyer so I printed that on a bunch of return address labels and stuck one on each (yeah, I’ve corrected that LOL!)

Did these promotions tactics work? I never had anyone actually tap me on the shoulder and ask about my books so I don’t know. But it was fun to wear.

Guess time will tell.

I passed out the flyers all along the way to and from LA to FL as well as while in FL and now the rest are on my desk at work and I had them out at every opportunity.

The point is whether or not you know right away if your efforts work, promotion is important and we must all find a way to continually get the word out about our books. More importantly, promotion should be fun and provide the opening to talk about your work.

I know these may not be unique ideas, but thought I’d share them with you anyway.

Readers, I'd love to know what promotion method has hooked you!
Writers, I'd love to know what promotion method has worked best for you.
Come share your stories with us!

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Until later….take care, God BLESS and remember….If you don’t “talk up” your books, no one else will either!

Pamela S Thibodeaux
“Inspirational with an Edge!”


Rachelle Chase said...

I did something similar - I had a t-shirt made with two book covers. Text above said, "Want to win a copy of my books?" and below the books, it said, "Ask me how!" My web site address was on the back. Only thing is ... I never wore it. LOL It was a 'freebie' from Vista Print and, while I liked the quality, it was a big, boxy t-shirt (the kind I use for sleepwear), as opposed to a more fitted cut, so that's my excuse.

So, if I ever wear it, I'll let you know. :-)

One thing that's worked for me is to give out excerpts of my books at book signings. Anyone 18+ who passes my table gets a smile, followed by, "I'm a local author signing books today. Would you like an excerpt?" People oftentimes come back after they've read the excerpt and buy the book - both, while I'm still there and afterwards.

You've got some great promotion ideas, Pamela! I wish you continued success!

Rachelle Chase said...

P.S. Correction to the above:

Sometimes I change things up and ask, "Would you like a bookmark?" and when they say yes, I give them an autographed one, and say, "Here's an excerpt from Book X, too." Because, psychologically, I think accepting a bookmark seems like less of a commitment than accepting an excerpt. :-)

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

I made a t-shirt of Heart of the Wolf, and can't decide whether to wear it or give it away! :)


Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Thanks for commenting Rachelle and Terry!

I did wear my Tshirt but of course after the first washing, its rather faded so I may not wear it too often.

My godchild who works at Waldenbooks said if I get her one, she'd wear it at work.

Of course, I'd have to change the wording to say "Ask me about my Nanny's books!" LOL

Thanks again.

Pastor Berlee said...

I did the t-shirt thing too. I like to wear them, even if no one ever talks to me. The best thing, wear them at an amusement park or somewhere you're standing in line and there is nothing else to do but stare at the person's back in front of you. Someone is bound to ask. LOL :)

orelukjp0 said...

I am a reader. I never really got into going to signings or anything until I was visiting my daughter and there was a book signing right by her house. This is the only one I have ever gone to in my life but the author was so gracious and gave away items to everyone who attended, I now take an active part in many author's groups, enter contests and talk to many, many authors. I chat, post comments, and try to help in any why I can, even make suggestions. My daughter (age 21), who never really was into reading, now reads a few authors' works, again because of this one woman. So if you want to know what works, I would tell you to be gracious and kind to all your readers and give them a small token of your appreciation now and then. We do appreciate being recognized. By the way, the gracious and kind author who had such an impact on my daughter and got me more involved was Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Hi Kimberlee! I'll probably wear my shirt in all sorts of places. Thanks for posting.


Thank you so much for posting! I love hearing from readers and I agree they need to be recognized. I try to send my readers a letter at least once a year, usually around the holidays with a poem. Or maybe a card. And I do give away things.

Since you are the first reader to have posted, I'd like to give you a free pdf of one of my 'tempered' books.

Please email me @ pthib-7@centurytel.net and let me know which one you'd like.

Thanks again.

Destiny Blaine said...

Hi Pamela!

Great topic. I like the T-Shirt idea and for one reason. Whenever I see a T-shirt, I read whatever I can see. I'm hopeful, if I do, others out there will too.