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Saturday, November 14, 2015

#SaturdaySpotlight: Kathleen Friesen and Nila's Hope!

Good Morning Friends,

Today I'll be at Bayou Writer's Group's annual "Bridge to Publication" conference, so I probably won't be around to visit and respond to your comments.

That said, I pray you enjoy today's spotlight, a brand new to Pelcian Book Group author, Kathleen Friesen with her novel, Nila's Hope.

Just when her career as a carpenter and a relationship with handsome co-worker Will Jamison are within reach, Nila Black's abusive ex-boyfriend is released from prison. He's out of jail, out for revenge, and making promises she knows he'll keep. Nila will do whatever it takes to save her friends from the evil that will come their way if she doesn't put distance between them-even if it means abandoning her new-found faith. It will take a miracle and an angelic messenger to show Nila that God is her greatest protector. He has never left her side, and He wants only the best for her and for the man she loves.

Excerpt: Will parked in his mother’s garage, leaned back, and inhaled deeply. A flood of emotions washed over him: happiness for his mother and Daniel, relief that everything had gone well, a faint throb of grief for his father’s death, and a strange excitement mixed with longing. And confusion.

Nila had looked fantastic all gussied up like that. He’d hardly recognized her. And she’d surprised him when they’d danced. She’d felt as soft as little Jessica’s favorite stuffed kitty, but her supple muscles enticed him even more.

Pleasure tingled through him as he relived the sensation of Nila in his arms as they glided across the dance floor, their movements perfectly synchronized.

He felt his heart rate increase, and he shook his head to clear it.

He hoped that…whatever that was between them at the wedding… wouldn’t mess up their work relationship. Nila learned fast and seemed to have a real talent for design. But they both carried a lot of baggage. And what would happen when Nick got out of jail? She might even go back to him. And he wouldn’t be able to stop her.

Will grunted as he opened the truck door and climbed out.

He closed the door to the garage behind him, paused, and leaned against it.

He wasn’t sure if he was ready for a serious relationship, but for those few hours, everything felt perfect. The stuff of dreams.

Well, almost. He frowned. Until Nila raised her glass. Then she looked like she’d seen a ghost. 

What was that about?

Well, well, well...sounds like a great read to me! Now here's a little about Kathleen in her own words....

Once upon a time, there was a shy girl who loved to read. She found friends, adventure, and reasons to trust God in the pages of her favorite books. When she grew up, she carried a dream in her heart that someday she would join those authors long admired in the adventure of writing stories. Today Kathleen Friesen is writing and loving it. Her stories invite readers to risk faith, dare to love, and trust God with the consequences.

After thirty years on the Canadian prairies, Kathleen and her husband Ron now live in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. They enjoy travelling, long walks in nature, and time spent with family and friends. And wherever they go, Kathleen’s on the prowl for ideas for her next book.

Find out more about Kathleen by visiting her website, blog or connecting with her on Facebook!

Nila's Hope can be purchased at Pelican Book Group, Amazon ( Print & Kindle) and Barnes and Noble. 

Until later...take care and God bless!


Jacqueline Seewald said...

After finding out about the horrors that transpired in Paris yesterday evening, it makes me all the more eager to read inspirational writing. Best wishes, Kathleen on the publication of Nila's Hope!

Susan Coryell said...

I admire writers who can sustain conflict and still manage a faith-based theme. I wish you success.

Nightingale said...

Thanks for sharing your excerpt. I really enjoyed it.

Kathleen Friesen said...

Thank you, Jacqueline, Susan, and Nightingale. I appreciate your comments! When you read Nila's Hope, I'd love to hear your reactions to it. God bless you.

M.J. Schiller, Romance Author said...

Love the set up for this, very compelling! And great excerpt! Love a man befuddled by the emotions that a woman brings out in him. So fun to watch, see him discover that this is what he wants, this woman. Thanks for sharing!

marilyn leach said...

This sounds like a read that could keep you up, taking it in to see what's next, past bedtime. Thank you, Kathleen. Cheers.

Alicia Dean said...

The premise sounds intriguing, and I really enjoyed the excerpt. Wishing you the best!

Kathleen Friesen said...

Thanks so much, M.J., Marilyn, and Alicia. I appreciate you!