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Saturday, March 21, 2015

SaturdaySpotlight: Dana Pratola

Good Morning and Welcome to the first Saturday Spotlight in spring 2015!

I don't know about you but I am more than ready for some sunshine. Alas, not this weekend in SW Louisiana. The forecast shows rain, rain and yeah...more rain, at least through the weekend. 


Well if it's raining in your neck of the woods, then now's a good time to curl up with a great book (or 3) by a wonderful author and friend, Dana Pratola.

JETT: When reclusive businessman takes an interest in Haven’s artwork, she knows it’s an answer to prayer. But Jett Cestone is an enigma with a disconcerting connection to the young women in his employ. He’s by far the most unusual man she’s ever met. 

Haven is the most interesting woman to ever cross Jett’s path. But she’s too naïve and pure to learn what goes on in his home. Too bad he wants her more than he’s wanted anyone or anything in his life.

SEBASTIAN: Men like Sebastian want only one thing, and Natalie has vowed not to give it to him. Yes, he’s gorgeous, intelligent and heroic, but he’s also a constant reminder that she isn’t good enough for him. Can she outrun a club owner who wants her dead when she’s weighed down by the failures of her past? 

His whole life, Sebastian has viewed women one way – as marvelous distractions. But when Natalie enters his life, he’s forced to see the world – and women – in a new light. Teaming with Jett Cestone, they enter a world of sex traffickers to rescue young innocents. But only Natalie can rescue him and give him the one thing his heart needs. 

AARO: Darcy D’Angelo is an average girl. Men like Aaro don’t fall for girls like her. He’s heroic, gorgeous, intelligent, and she’s…not. Yet, after only a brief acquaintance, he reveals his intention to marry her. 

Aaro Highlander, like his “brothers,” is a special breed—not quite angel, not quite human—with spectacular gifts, deep running passions and strength of character that drives him to do the right thing. But something has been missing from his life, until now. 

He’s found his mate, but his commitment to Jett and Sebastian may put wedding plans on hold as they discover prophetic secrets and hunt for a serial killer. 

ULRICK (Descended, Book4) will release at the end of the year.

You can get all three of Dana's books at Amazon!

Find out more about Dana and her writing by visiting her website. 

Happy Reading!

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